S11E06 - “A Distant Thunder” - Plot

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Act One

A political rally for a candidate named Tamara (Cal Bellini) takes place on a sunny afternoon. Tamara speaks as supporters hold signs and one man (James Olson) from 'Palm Custodial Service' looks on with skepticism. That night, Tamara receives a call form the man demanding he drop out of the race otherwise Tamara's wife (Elissa Dulce Hoopai) and kid (Haku Kahoano) will be hurt or killed. Tamara's wife asks, "again?" meaning this isn't the first call! His wife is very concerned.

In McGarrett's office, Tamara tells McGarrett about the calls starting about two weeks before with the same voice and the "same theme". McGarrett isn't happy about Tamara coming to him now; he should have when the calls started! More disturbing, the man dumped out their garbage and destroyed some plants. Tamara explains the man called the night it happened taking credit so he knows where they live. Tamara tells McGarrett about the threat against Lois and Bobby Jr. with McGarrett being through, putting the family under 24-hour police protection effective immediately but Tamara refuses. He wants McGarrett to go after the man making the calls. Reluctantly, McGarrett agrees instructing Tamara to have someone watching his wife and son whenever he's not with them as Five-O begins their pursuit.

The caller drives to a house where he goes upstairs to pulls out a German Nazi uniform from the closet. Downstairs in the main room, phones are set up surrounded by Nazi propaganda. There are six young men who are followers of the "National Socialist Movement" that he addresses: they have a new enemy in Tamara. The plan is a concentrated effort to defeat Tamara using everything they have. The caller orders Harris to "work the mimeograph" to print thousands of flyers, then tells Simms and the rest to gather the materials for their own picket signs. They'll be at Tamara's speech at the university on Friday in full uniform.

Bobby Jr. rides his bike in the street while walking his dog Pixie with the instructions from the HPD officer to stay right in front of the house. As Booby Jr. rides in loops trailing Pixie behind him, someone sits in a pick up truck watching until the engine revs and aims for Bobby Jr.! The officer calls a warning to Bobby so he's missed but Pixie isn't so lucky.

Later, Duke is on the scene as McGarrett arrives and Lois comforts Bobby Jr. Duke briefs him on the truck: blue Chevy pick up with partial plates but nothing on the driver. McGarrett is every which way ticked off at the officer who was watching Bobby Jr. telling him he should have been more alert and this can't happen again. McGarrett won't take no for answer this time on police protection as McGarrett orders it until they "close the book".

At the next rally, Tamara speaks to several supporters as McGarrett and Duke watch him and the crowd. Duke calls him a "spellbinder" with McGarrett agreeing knowing this is classic Tamara. Meanwhile, the caller and his followers show up in a white van to put on their own rally protesting in the street obstructing traffic! When the followers begin chanting, they get everybody's attention with a group of Tamara's supporters fighting them in them in the street. McGarrett approaches the caller who introduces himself as "Commander Wendell Stoner, National Socialist Movement". McGarrett tells him to take their picket to the sidewalk and says no to their request to speak to Tamara because they don't have a permit to speak like Tamara does. They argue about free speech, which McGarrett says ends "when one tries to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. That's what you're trying to do here. Now move it. And I mean now". McGarrett keeps the two groups apart and thus prevents an escalation of tensions.

Act Two

Stoner returns to the house only this time under Five-O's surveillance. Danno and Duke make note of Stoner's arrival driving closer until Danno gets out to walk by looking over the truck and house. He meets Duke at the end of the block. They go back to Five-O where Danno briefs the truck is the same one that ran down Pixie. He asks if they should pick him up but McGarrett doesn't want to move so fast because they don't have enough evidence. On the bright side, they now know who's responsible for "that hit-and-run attempt" and probably the phone calls too. McGarrett's plan is to catch the group breaking the law since they're clever enough to work inside the law. He proposes to send Danno undercover since he fits the profile of someone who fit right in with Stoner and his group. They work late into the night on Danno's cover story so that he knows it by heart. McGarrett cuts it off because Danno is "getting punchy".

The next morning, McGarrett thanks the gas station owner Jim (Harold Iseke) for hiring Danno a.k.a. Walter Mantell who reports for work. McGarrett tells him to stay in touch before he screeches out.

Stoner works at his job cleaning a window when his boss (Sam Peters) chews him out for not using enough cleaner in the water mix. Stoner isn't happy about being told he's screwed up but puts cleaner into the bucket. After his boss leaves, a black man (Johnny Walker) gives Stoner a hard time only to have Danno/Mantell rescue him by hitting the guy over the head. Impressed, Stoner offers to buy Mantell a beer. Turns out, the man is from HPD and returns to Duke who asks him if he's okay, which he is.

At a bar, the television newscaster (Les Keiter) calls Tamara "the Hawaiian Kennedy" as Stoner and Mantell drink beer and discuss what they consider a degradation of society and how much Hitler had right (puke!). They continue their discussion well into the evening as the beer cans pile up on their table. Stoner offers Mantell entrance to the group but he has to complete a task first.

Later that night, Danno calls into McGarrett's office about what's transpired. McGarrett tells him to be careful because they're "dealing with lunatics here" but that's too nice and Danno has the proof on tape.

A fund-raising party takes place for Tamara at a ritzy house with some wealthy people. Stoner and Mantell arrive only to be stopped by a ticket seller (Charles McCollister) for a $5 donation prior to entry. They make their way to a quiet area behind some bushes setting off a stink bomb clearing out everyone. Passing the test, Mantell is indoctrinated and sworn into the group.

Act Three

One of the troopers (Jim Simpson) makes phone calls against Tamara as Stoner shows Mantell around the house such as his bunk. He tells Mantell there will be lots of study during the long days, "reveille is at 0600 hours and lights out at 2200". On the agenda will be exercise and testing. Mantell would like some more action but Stoner assures him there will be action soon enough as what they are doing is only the start to thwart Tamara's campaign.

McGarrett pulls into the gas station where Danno hands off a small cassette tape. Danno calls it "another world" with a group whose full-time job is hate with phone calls and flyers. The tape has all the names and as much background as they were willing to share. McGarrett wonders where the money comes from: those who work, sales of pamphlets and possible secret donors but the last there's no evidence of. Danno says Stoner keeps hinting at a "knockout blow" and he's serious about it. The specifics will be shared when the time comes but when that will be, who knows. Danno guesses Stoner is working something out. McGarrett leaves telling Danno he'll see him on Wednesday.

At Tamara's campaign, McGarrett proposes Tamara to lay low but Tamara pushes back as the schedule is filled with events including a television appearance. The election is two days away and if he doesn't make these events, he might as well drop out of the race. He knows McGarrett has already done a lot and he knows the situation but he has to keep going without beefing up his security. A crowd cheers as the latest poll numbers come in: he's leading his opponent Morley by four points!

Stoner also watches the latest report not happy with what has happened. He calls in Mantell who reports: Stoner says the action is about to happen.

In McGarrett's office, Duke has a computer printout on everybody Danno gave them. Duke says the information is from the FBI and state intelligence with one common denominator: they're all failures. This doesn't surprise McGarrett at all as these kinds of groups are attractive to those who can't make it. Duke goes on saying Stoner was in a foster home but on his own since he was 15. He's also been divorced three times, takes whatever works he can get, even serving time for "disturbing the peace and misdemeanor assault". His hate business began with the KKK then moving to a "half-Nazi group in West Virginia" before moving onto to California then Honolulu. Everyone else is on the outer fringe except one guy who owns a pig farm. The phone rings: it's Danno who "slipped out" telling McGarrett they're planning some suggestive pictures with Danno right in the middle. While the "charges" may not stick, the publicity alone could erase Tamara's lead. McGarrett wants him to "play it safe, but try to go along with the setup". They hang up but Danno is unaware another trooper (Bill Fiddler) sees him at the payphone.

At the Honolulu Convention Center, the crowds enter for a rally. Inside, Tamara tells his campaign aide Tom (Mark Russell), "I don't wanna tap-dance around this" after being handed some notes about an issue. Tamara wants 15 minutes as the aide leaves. Mantell and the trooper from the earlier phone calls enter the auditorium with Mantell going to Tamara's dressing room. Stoner waits outside looking at his watch. Duke also makes the rounds inside keeping his eyes open. The trooper lights some firecrackers setting off a bunch of noise creating a panic as people rush to the exits. Mantell enters Tamara's dressing room once the HPD guard goes to see what's going on but the dust has settled quickly when the trooper shows up with the camera. Snapping the photo, they make a quick retreat but Duke knocks the camera out of the trooper's hand! Mantell grabs him and they take off for Stoner who asks about the camera. They explain someone tripped the fire alarm and camera was lost in the crowd. Stoner is not happy!

Act Four

The next morning, Stoner has had enough between the fouled-up mission and the report from the trooper about Mantell using a payphone, they figure out Mantell is actually a plant! Stoner goes over the list of coincidences from the way they met to the camera being knocked out of Lehman's hand before he orders "Mantell" searched. When the tape recorder is found, Stoner loses it slapping Danno. Stoner orders a kangaroo court.

At the gas station, McGarrett looks for Danno but he can't be found. Jim says there was nothing out of the ordinary but McGarrett is very uneasy about the situation. He orders Duke to stake out the house and to keep looking for Danno who hasn't turned up anywhere.

At the house, the kangaroo court commences where Stoner demands to know what else Danno was supposed to do. Danno answers, "you're not Nazis. You're nutzies" then laughs but Stoner is not amused. Danno answers the questions using his cover but they don't buy it finding him guilty of "spying and treason" with the penalty of death! Danno tries to protest but it's useless since he's handcuffed. Stoner tells Carson he's responsible for carrying out sentencing and to take him to the forest. As Danno is about to be taken out, Stoner tells him his efforts will cost him and his candidate both their lives! Danno yells, "they're gonna shoot you like the maniac you are!" Stoner picks up the gun, knowing what he needs to do.

Duke is in the stakeout position when the van pulls out and he follows after radioing McGarrett. Inside the van are three troopers and Danno. After they leave, Stoner who is in a suit gets into his truck after stowing a pistol in his belt and drives off. Meanwhile, Duke continues to radio their positions. As he drives, Lehman only discovers the police are onto them after an HPD unit begins to follow after Duke. Lehman tries to pass a truck but winds up off the road to avoid an oncoming car. In the chaos, Danno fights back knocking one trooper out of the van. Further down the road, another HPD unit runs the recovered van off the road for good as Danno puts his cuffed hands around Lehman's neck! They crash into some bushes as the police surround them. Duke finds Danno right away who warns him they need to radio McGarrett as Tamara's life is in danger, which Duke does.

McGarrett rushes to Tamara's campaign headquarters as Danno and Duke take off. At the headquarters, champagne is being poured as they're winning. Tamara shows up sharing congratulations with his campaign workers as Stoner stands by waiting for the perfect moment to strike. As Tamara takes the podium, McGarrett shows up trying to find Stoner who pulls out his gun. An aide yells out about the gun, clearing the room. McGarrett steps between Stoner and Tamara demanding Stoner hand over the gun. Once Danno and Duke show up with guns drawn, Stoner finally gives up. McGarrett says, "book him, Danno. Book him, but first, read him his rights. This is still America. Thank God". Duke cuffs him and leads him out with Danno still training his gun on Stoner! Tamara approaches McGarrett stunned, not believing it's all over. McGarrett reminds there will always be a fanatic somewhere.

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