Comparison: Original Broadcast and DVD of "The Execution File"

The following is a comparison of the DVD release of the season 11 show The Execution File with a TV print (“the original”) that dates back several years. Time references are to the DVD version. In the original, the Rod Stewart tune “Do Ya [not "You"] Think I’m Sexy” was arranged by John Cacavas and sung by Jim Henderson. Any reference to this (“the Stewart song”) on the DVD release has been replaced by generic disco/funk music.


0:00-0:07 – Brief excerpt from the shooting in the nightclub, accompanied by the Stewart song in the original, generic music on the DVD.

0:10-0:31 – Other teaser scenes, orchestral music with what sounds like an electric piano at first, building to a climax as the hitman shoots at Hendrix and Lureen (same in both versions).


1:32-4:47 – Original has the Stewart song with vocal as young woman walks down ramp in strip club. In both versions, violins start to contrapuntally build to a climax with the other music at around 1:56, reach a climax as the pimp Kamaki is shot at 2:37. In the original, the violins have a real feeling of suspense. On the DVD version, the violin sounds are some stereotypically generic “creepy” tremolo figure. This is followed in both versions by the same orchestral passage as Hendrix escapes from the club (2:41-2:57). In the original, this segues into more of the Stewart song without vocal, as Hendrix arrives at his office where he enters the hidden room and “X”s out Kamaki’s picture. The music fades as we see the Iolani Palace. See this link for a video comparison of this section.

6:34-8:48 – Hendrix drives through the Hotel Street area looking for Anne Carpenter, a 15-year-old runaway who he has been hired to find by her parents. There is no dialogue or sound effects here, only music. In the original, this is the Stewart tune with vocal, on the DVD once again it is the generic music (6:34-8:33). As Hendrix returns to his office with Anne, the music becomes orchestral, this passage is the same in both versions (8:33-8:48).

14:16-15:00 – After Hendrix takes Anne to the girls’ home, he talks to Emma, the boss of the home and Lureen, accompanied by a melody first heard on trumpet with orchestral backing which will be heard subsequently several times.

15:54-16:39 – Cue at end of scene in McGarrett’s office as he and Danno discuss Hendrix’s career, segues into funk sounds with “drooping” French horns as Hendrix shoots another pimp driving a huge tank-like car. Leads into The Wave.


16:41-16:50 – Brief orchestral cue to start the act.

17:21-17:30 – Another brief cue as McGarrett leaves to go to Hendrix’s office, scene switches to Maggers’ place.

20:11-20:30 – Brief cue fading with the trumpet theme as McGarrett leaves Hendrix’s and returns to the Iolani Palace where he meets later with Duke and Danno.

21:50-24:56 – Trumpet theme heard again as Hendrix goes to his new home which is under construction. (21:50-23:35) As he leaves, tailed by Duke, the music changes once again to the Stewart song without vocal, generic music on the DVD. Hendrix drives to downtown Honolulu and rents a car to avoid being tailed by Duke. (23:35-24:56)

25:17-26:07 – The Stewart song is heard without vocal as another pimp is shot dead by Hendrix. Cacavas’ orchestral counterpoint in the original is especially effective, since at the end of this section, the strings have a very nasty, menacing sound. On the DVD, there is no suspense at all. (25:17-26:01) Segues into a brief orchestral cue as the hitman from the mainland arrives at his hotel (26:01-26:07).

26:46-26:59 – Brief cue as Maggers tells the pimps to keep a low profile. Leads into The Wave.

(At this point in the original broadcast, there are two commercial bumpers which are not included on the DVD.)


29:19-33:38 – Hendrix takes Lureen to his house to show it to her. In addition to the trumpet theme, there is some dreamy music as he tells her about his plans for her living there. Music becomes more agitated at 32:17 as the gunman fires shots. Danno and McGarrett pursue the gunman who is shot dead (32:45), The wounded Hendrix leaves with Lureen and as they arrive back at the home (33:16), the trumpet theme is heard.

34:25-35:39 – McGarrett and Danno arrive at the girls’ home, following Hendrix, but he has already left. Hendrix returns to his office at 35:17 and locks himself inside. This cue leads into The Wave and is kind of dull.


38:46-41:19 – Funky-sounding music as Hendrix climbs over the wall at Maggers’ house, hides in the bushes and prepares to track Maggers down. At the end of the cue, McGarrett, Duke and Danno arrive at Maggers’ front gate.

44:55-46:52 – Operatic finale to the show with McGarrett pleading to Hendrix not to kill Maggers. Cue starts with the trumpet theme played on the violin, it is heard again on the trumpet as Hendrix expires. Segues briefly into a scene with McGarrett and Lureen at the home.

48:00-48:44 – Final cue as McGarrett talks to Laureen, who tells him that she will recover from Hendrix’s death. McGarrett says goodbye to her and then leaves the school.