Pharmacists are so smart. I always thought that the pharmacist in a store knew where everything was. You could ask them about where to find a certain kind of bandage, a certain kind of shampoo, a certain kind of laxative or whatever, and they would know where it is. But I got big surprise when I told a pharmacist in one store about this, that I thought they knew where everything was. She leaned forward and said in a quiet voice, "It's not true."

Similarly, people think I know everything about Hawaii Five-O, and I get lots of questions about this. But guess what ... "IT'S NOT TRUE!"

These are some of the questions.

In Houston they are showing the 1972 episodes of Hawaii 5 0.? It appears that Jack Lord may have Guillen Barre syndrome since his right eye is open wider than his left.? They also appear to try to cover this up by shading his eyes or he looks up quickly.? What is your take on this?? Thanks.

I'm a film editor as well as a graphic artist, usually when a films been edited, it means one or two scenes have been cut out,

One way of checking this out, is by timeing the episodes running time because back in the 70's an adeventure series ran for 50 mins including credits.

The other thing I found interesting is, is that when you played the videotapes of the released Hawaii Five-O episodes, they do play differently to the released Dvd versions.

For one thing - when it comes to a break, music played with a freeze frame and then moved directly to the next scene.

On the DvD, it brings up the wave and Hawaii Five-O caption.

We're preparing to publish an article on Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and our author ... mentions two quotes by Steve McGarrett. Would you be able to verify them for us? We appreciate any help you can give to keep us correct about the show.

1. "Book 'im, Danno."

Is it "Book 'im (him, one person)?_____
is it "Book 'em (them, more than one person)?______

2. "Take him to Portsmouth."

McGarrett supposedly says this to Danno whenever a man in Navy uniform is booked (because the Portsmouth Naval Prison was in Portsmouth).

Did McGarrett say this?______

Did he say it more than one time (whenever a Navy man was booked)?_____

Thank you so much for considering these questions and for any help you can give.

My questions is about the opening sequence to each episode. The sudden close up of Mcgarret on the balconey of a building. I say it was taken in Hawaii and my girl friend says it was done in California. What do you say? Thank you.

Hi, i think you might be able to help me out. My dad was in a Hawaii 5-0 episode and for some reason he hasn't seen it before. I would like to track down the episode and show it to him but i don't know which one it is. I went through your episode guide, but with the limited info he gave me, i can't say for sure which one it is. So, i'm assuming you have seen every episode so maybe you'll remember. This is the info he gave me: It was sometime after '71, and in the show, they all go out (him included) on a coast guard boat (he thinks it is) and they board a fishing boat (again, he thinks it is, but it may be some other type of boat). He is seen looking at a couple of ID's, on a clipboard i think, and then he says something to mcgarrett and he hands the ID's to him. If this rings any bells, please let me know, it would be much appreciated. And sorry for the limited info, he is old and can't remember too much since it was so long ago.

I'm looking for episodes of Hawaii Five O with surfing.. rather than buy the whole dvd set.. Do you or anyone you know able to burn me a dvd with the shows i need?

I'm not sure how many there are but the Pilot has some surfing in the beginning that was not used in later versions.

There is an episode callled TALL ON A WAVE that has a story wrapped around surfing..not sure what year it was and there is i as told an episode with Susan Day that had surfing.

I"m a big surf historian and looking for copies for my library.. i'm willing to pay for episodes... plus you have probably seen them all and would maybe know which had surfing..

anyhow, any help would be very appreciated..

How are you? I am happy. I love animals. I think people who are cruel to animals to be put to death. I think people should only test on human beings not animals. Just telling you my views. I am a fan of Hawaii Five-O. I am so sorry that I did that to you. I hope we can become friends. I am close with my family. I live with my parents. I love being with my family. I love the holiday season. I love Christmas. I am a Christian. I am so happy that my family is so protective over me. I don't understand why people are so mean to others. I don't understand why people are killing others. I am not too happy about that. I am happy to be alive. I am happy to be healthy. I am happy to be me. I am happy to be a Christian. I am so close to my family. I cannot wait until I watch today's episodes of Hawaii Five-O. I am a cashier. I am 35 years old. I was born on June 13, 1972. How about you? Do you know anyone from Hawaii Five-O? Just curious. I can watch the news 24/7. I love Headline News. I love Jon & Kate: Plus 8. I love Little People Big World. I love animals. I have 5 cats. My sisters have 1 dog and 3 cats. I am 5 foot 8. I don't want any children. I cannot stand being around children. I don't want to be married. I don't want to date. I like my life as it is. I love being with my family. I love to travel. I have been to Hawaii before many times before. I don't like to stay home. I like to pickup and go on a minute notice. I love being with my cats and I love being with animals. I love being with animals more than people. I love being with my family. I love my family so very much. I think the world of my family. I am very close to my mother. I think the best of my mother. She is the best mother in the world. I love being with her. If she dies I will die too. I don't want to live without her. I even tell her she has to live for my sake. I don't want her to die. I want her to be in my life forever. I think she is the best person alive. She is just so good. 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Are you close to your parents? Are you married? I just happy to be me. I love to hear about nightmares and scary stories. I love them too death. I can tell you a ton of them. I watched them all my life. I love being alive. I will go to Sam's Club and Walmart with my mother tomorrow. I love spending time with my mother. She is a special lady. I am thinking about watching today's episode of Hawaii Five-O. I don't know what episode aired today either.

I'm wondering if you can help me find an episode that was listed in Hawaii as episode 63326. I could not find this episode # in your listings. We would like to get a copy of this episode. Do you know why we can't find this number on the listings of episodes?

It was syndicated on Channel 14 here (Oceanic Cable Channel 11). Please let me know what you think. Or if the easiest is to buy season 1 or season 2. I'm not sure what season it would be in, but probably season 2.

[I wrote back to her, explaining this is not a "normal" episode number, and that I needed more details to identify the show. She wrote back saying that it was an episode where Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi appeared.]

Is there anyway that you can help us get a copy of that show? It's for the Fasi family.

[After more discussion, she writes back]

So if we want to buy this show, do we get the season package 1 or 2? There are a lot more seasons right?

[My reply to her (I am getting annoyed)]

The show that you are interested in is in season SEVEN.


My aunt came out on a few episodes on "Hawaii 5-0" as a hula dancer. She is 84 years old and is not sure of the name of the episodes. Can you track them down for me? Her artistic name back then was "Lani Lei" and unfortunately she was involved in a scandal for her affair with Jack Lord, which made the front page of the paper. She has also gone by [other] names....

[When I inquired, neither Eddie Sherman, who should know about stuff like this, or another person connected closely with the show knew anything about this supposed "scandal." - MQ]

I would really appreciate any help in tracking this down. There are other films in which she was in as either an extra for with a minor role, but I don't know how to track this down, since it was so long ago.

I am in Los Angeles and my sister is in Texas. I am reading your reviews of many of the Hawaii 5-0 episodes to her on your website.

We have two questions. One is "what is the explanation as to why Danno disappeared at the end of season 11 and just never came back? (we thought it was strange that you didn't mention that fact and comment on it as it seems very important to have overlooked.)

The second question, after reading many of your episode synopsis we have to ask "did you like ANY episode?" it seemed that as negative as you are on almost all of them that it must have been torturous to sit through something you obviously weren't enjoying. I really just don't understand.

Looking forward to your replies for as negative as you were you seemed incredibly, even painfully, knowledgeable.

Do you know where I can purchase a life size cut out of Jack Lord?

I saw someone wearing a "book em Dano" t-shirt. It was awesome but don't know where to get one. Your thoughts?

Which are the best 5-0 episodes for actually showing Hawaii - scenery, culture, etc.? Beaches, luaus, volcano eruptions, anything like that?

I am looking for an autographed picture of Jack Lord and one of his wife Marie Carolyn Lord (with her jewels that were recently auctioned off for the Hawaii Foundation Charity). Do you know where I could possibly find either of these?

I remember an episode where a teenage that someone was hurting a girl from his comic strip - Judy Moon I beleive.

I am writing to you because I am interested in banners, flags, pictures and a DVD with the words to the theme song. We are having an old TV shows convention and my booth is of Hawaiian decor. I would like to have paraphernalia from the days of the show. I could say it was one of my favorites but, at the time I had a wife and kid who wanted something else. But I did watch it when I could. You can contact me at the address above. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Hi mike i love the site its a great source of info. would be great if you could mention or link to my toy cat hawaii 50 remake on the site the direct link is [link which no longer works] or on youtube  where all my surreal toy cat videos are. The hawaii 50 has a toy cat who is in a hawaiian dance act threatened by jack lord teddy bear book em but he wants to book em for a performance not for the police station! She tries to escape in a toy canoe with coathanger oars and a funny water ski made from string and coathangers for dot the other toy. Its got a mad palm tree that dances and talks and the best jack lord teddy bear a like ever. Best  

Dear Mike, Please tell me who Danno is/ was?

I have gone through roughly 1/3 of season 3...and to my surprise...I have not heard "Book him Danno, murder one". I thought that came at the end of most episodes. Can you tell me when (what season) that became a regular catch-phrase?

I recently found out that my grandfather, who passed in 2006, was in an episode and even received royalties from it for awhile. He was a pilot for Royal Hawaiian and so I assume he was a pilot in the episode as well. How can I find out which episode he was in? His name is Arthur E Phillips.

In the opening credits, a street level shot zooms up to Mcgarrett, if you could please provide me with to information on the building and floor Jack Lord was on during filming of that sequence I would deeply appreciate it.

We emailed before about the Elvis belt and the curious letter you had about Jack Lord having a daughter.

I've been in touch with many other of the web site owners over the years. I am writing Jack Lord's biography and I was hoping that you could give me some information you may have learned over the years about Jack Lord?

Of course I wont be writing everything I know since Jack had many affairs and I can't name names of people still alive. That would be tacky.

Still knowing it all helps me put his life together in a time-line. And his decision making.

I bought thousands of dollars of his belongings from the [Ebay] auction to learn more about him that way. I discovered some very interesting things about him from his belongings.

I emailed James MacArthur asking for information about Jack, but he never responded.

If you could help me out in any way I'd greatly appreciate it.

I replied, and got the following. My comments that are being responded to are in italics.

Hi, there is nothing about Jack Lord that I know that is not on my WWW site. I am not particularly interested in Lord, other than as a star of Five-O.

From all the many travels and people you have met over the years I'd say you have more than a passing interest in Jack Lord.

In addition to the letter from Jack to Elvis about the belt, which is still a mystery. As I uncover the true facts, I've found Jack and Marie were very prolific liars.

Quite frankly, I find you even mentioning this [Jack Lord having affairs] to be "tacky," considering the lack of evidence [meaning what was told to me in the e-mail above].

How do you know I don't have evidence?

I purchased many of Jack's most private items. And there are people who have verified what I have found written in his personal Bible and books that were given to him with dedications written in them by his lovers.

Frankly, I think you are one of the rudest men I've ever had contact with.

my question to you is about an episode in which i think Wo fat has Mcgarrett as a captive and is being lifted out of a swimming pool dressed in think was a red diving suit with cotton balls in his nostrils, i think it was at the beginning of the show, it would have to be one of the earlier seasons this image has stayed with me for the last 38 plus years since i last seen it when i was a kid! i tried the search and the episode index to no avail, could you please help me with this answer? thank you very much.

Mike, while I was on R&R from Viet Nam, my wife and I were riding around on Oahu and we passesd by what appeared to be a gate residence and there was a large sign across the gtaes the had a large sign the had " HAWAII 5-0 " printed on it. The property was right along the highway that ran along the coast, high up on a bluff. Do you know anything about the property currently?

James MacArthur: What happened to him and other cast in last season of show? Thank you.

After the shot of the memorial for veterans in Honolulu, there is a shot of two women and a boy. Any idea of who the women are? Thanks.(last question promise)

I have been trying so hard to find this one episode of Hawaii Five-0 and I just can't seem to find the name of it. My guess is that you've probably seen all the episodes so you might remember this one.

The way I remember it someone was planning to put a bomb on a fault line to create a tsunami. Does that ring a bell with you?

Thanks a million!

I was a walk through in 4 scenes during this episode...had seen the scenes on TV throughout the years

was hoping to get a copy of this when the DVD came a copy from Netflix only to discover that these segments had been cut out!

Any idea of how much was edited out? Do unedited copies exist somewhere?

Can you tell me where I can get a Hawaii Five O T-shirt?

there is a hawaii five-0 episode that i have never understood. The season 3 episode "second shot". i understand that the character that eric braedon played was to be shot by the "assasin", and live, therefor earning the doctor's trust. As I understood it, braedon called his assasin, telling him where he would be at the hospital, so he could leave him a gun to kill the doctor. He did so, and then stood outside the hospital as braedon, the doctor's neice, and McGarrett walked in, presumably to let braedon know that he was there, and the gun had been planted. So why did braedon have him shot by McGarrett? I can't see any reason for this? The assasin never did anything to him! In fact, he should have been very greatful to him for being such a good shot and not killing him. I never understood this, can you help me?

A question: Did Kimo Carew officially have the Five-O "second in command" title?

Did the teaser every come up before the titles for some episodes during this season because these ones listed when they were rerun on rtn 11 the teaser came up first . Im just going to name a few they are nightmare in blue, one born every minute, and anybody can build a bomb to name a few. The rest of the episodes did have the titles come up before the teaser . Is this the way it happened back then or did the station do it.

In McGarrett’s office there is a picture on the wall that is seen in a lot of shots but we cannot figure out what it is of. To me it appears to be a sea creature of some sort. It is in pencil or just black and white. Do you know what this is of?

I have noticed at least two different versions of the opening music in the TV series. In one version the high-pitched organ(?) notes are not present or are very subdued.

What can you tell me about the different opening theme versions which are part of the show? Are they separate recordings or just different mixes of the same recording?

Hi, love to know if I can see the episodes with Hume cronyn as the monopoly man. Thought they were the best of the bunch.

I was hoping you could tell me the title and season of a particular episode of Hawaii Five-O that I remember as a kid. The plot involved a guy who was impersonating a policeman. He would pick-up women he pulled over, have his way with them, then throw them off a cliff. At the end of this episode, Jack Lord was in a power struggle with this guy, threw him over a balcony and then it showed the guy in a pool of blood below. I remember watching this episode when I was 7 back in 1975 and I never forgot it. I remember crying to my brothers because it upset me so much. My parents weren’t home and I was scared. Separation anxiety I guess. Anyway, if you could tell me which show that was, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

Do you know if there are any H5-0 shows or even scenes that relate to the postal service, or related topics?

What's the famous disco song in part 1 of Number One With A Bullet from season eleven?

Was there a reason given on air why Danno left? Thanks

My mother was a minor bit actor in one or two episodes, and her name does not pop up on the main Five-O site's search feature. Is there another location that I can try in order to find the episode(s) that she was in?

My mother is a huge fan of 5-0, how much is the fan club membership? On the web site it mentioned a fan club-my mother wants to join a h50 fan club, I told her I didn't know if there was one since most of the cast is deceased. I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there is one she could join.

I am doing some research on a very obscure actress, Mary O'Brien. She did some episodic TV before landing her most notable role, "Heather Webber", on ABC's soap General Hospital. She had a bit on Cannon in December of '75 and also did Hawaii Five-O. It was probably a very small role, as she was just starting out around this period. I cannot for the life of me find her credit on HFO. Her appearance would definitely be between, say, 1974 to 1977. I did go through your cast lists, but cast listings are not available for every episode. Do you have any other suggestions on how I might find the episode Mary O'Brien was in? imdb does not list it. Any suggestions are welcome. Your site is terrific, by the way.

Hi, i was lookin around on google and i found your site. I thought it would be worth a shot to ask you if you know which surf break the opening wave in the intro scene was filmed that. Im doing a project on the series and wanted to use it for a trivia question. Thanks!

Hi! I saw some ads for all 12 seasons. As these haven't been officially released yet, are they any good? Have you ever seen the TVDVD Mania versions for example? I have seasons 1 and 2 and would like more..or should I wait for Amazon?

Hoping you can shed some light on this.

I was watching Episode 5 - Season 1. When Jack Lord drives up to the dock to talk to the folks unloading the fish. (13m 16sec if you watch it on He identifies himself and pull out his credentials. I immediately noticed that the badge that he showed was not the classic teardrop shape that was the "official" Hawaii Five-O badge.

It appears to be an LAPD style badge (aka dragnet) with the top portion of the badge blacked out. Just wanted to know if anyone knows or caught this.

Aloha Mr. Mike Quigley, Here on the North shore, there is much speculation as to where the "Wave," was shot, its the only thing Surfers want to know. The locations man for "Lost," said he knew who shot it. We can find nothing on your web-site except a reference to Jeff Hackman's movie Surfari. Do you know where that "Wave," was shot?

I heard that Mr. Jack Lord made a book of prints from his Hawaii Landscape Paintings, and that it was called Jack Lord's Hawaii ... But I can not find any info on it, can you please tell me if it was ever made , and if so where can I get it.Also if his paintings or scetches are available any where...

My name is Steve I'm in a contraversial exchange regarding a particular episode. Do you know the name of the episode where Steve Magarrats Navy friends son died from an overdose of perscription drugs. They were given by a Doctor at a clinic. It would really be helpful

You have a list of Oscar winners and nominees that were on Hawaii Five-0 but you missed Stephen Boyd who was nominated for Ben-Hur. [He wasn't. - MQ]

Hey, I thought if I can remember correctly that in order for Kono to leave the show that he was killed off in one episode like at some beach and he got to central dispatch and radioed in officer needs help, officer shot. Is this correct, as I was in junior high when the show came on so it is kind of vague and if so is this on one of the DVD"S?

Is there any music available for this episode [Highest Castle, Deepest Grave]? This melody was only used in this episode an d I would like to own a copy. I am a pianist and can play it. Thanks.

I can not remember wich Five o episode is about a young boy dying of a brain tumor. Do you know wich one it is?


How tall is the wave in the opening credits? It looks huge but a friend claimed that it was not that big.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Do you know if people are allow to go to the penthouse in the Ilikai Hotel to take pictures?

I just spent quite a bit of time at Makapuu Point on Oahu and was told that the remains of an automobile located on a steep slope facing the water (south of the lighthouse) were from a deliberate wreck staged by the Five-O film crew. Can you verify that, and if so, tell me what episode I can find the footage in?

isn't there a Hawaii 5-0 museum that you go to see? did they dismantle the original set for the show?

Is there a picture on your site of the statue that was used in the opening of the show. I was told that I was afraid of it as a child and would hide my face when it came on. I can't seem to remember what it looked like. Mom says it resembled a totum pole?

What is the name of the Hawaii Five-0 episode where a man and a woman are burglarizing a place and then the woman shoots a butler or a servant in the back during the robbery? I remember really liking this episode. I remember Danno says to Steve "he also got one in the back."

What model of revolver did "Steve McGarret" use in the Hawaii 50 series??

Do you know where I can find the Hawaii 5-0 rongtone??

I was under the impression that sometime this month/year television was going to bring back a remake of Hawaii Five-0. If so, what do you know about this? At the very least I'm sure it won't hold a candle to the original. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer this email, I hope.

I just watched the great three part story V For Vashon. In the third chapter, while investigating the crime lords lawyer, the team talks with the lawyers secretary. The actress is a brunette, but she bears an amazing resemblance to Grace Lee Whitney of Star Trek fame. She is billed in the closing credits under a different name, but is it really Grace?

Hi I am just wondering when the remake will be aired? Will it go overseas?

I'm interested in an episode and I tried looking in the guide and just didn't see it.It was an episode about hostages in an airport from the late 1970s.They were in the airport itself.Any information you can give I would appreciate.

I read that there are episodes of Hawaii Five-O featuring Helen Kuoha-Turco, but she's not listed in the credits on the Internet Movie Data Base. I know she appears in the pilot episode. Do you know what other episodes she appears in?

Also, I've become an Elissa Dulce fan. I already have season 6 where she appears in two episodes. Before buying any future seasons, are there noted episodes she appears in that I should bother purchasing? I don't want to buy a season where she has very little screen time.

Whatever information you can provide would be appreciated.

I noticed that on the season 5 starting credits it does not show Freeman as the executive producer it instead says something like “ A Leonard Freeman production” is this correct for season 5? Or is it that they used season 7 or something (after Freeman died).

I am a huge Hawaii Five 0 fan.

We are a musical instrument distributor with links to similar companies in other countries. We would like to know if it would be possible to do a range of Licensed Ukeleles with Hawaii Five O branding and characters? We already have the manufacturing facility in China.

Please let me know if you can help and whether the owners of the trademark are interested.

Can you tell me the episode where Help Me Rhonda is being played at the start?

Anyway, you may have answered this question before, but I can't find it. It's regarding the nickname "Danno". Was this something Leonard Freeman came up with (instead of Danny or Daniel) or is this something Jack Lord initiated? No one else except McGarrett calls him "Danno"

Why no reference in Mr. [William] Windom's biography to his appearance in Hawaii 5-0 episode #37, Season #2, "Which Way Did They Go?", original air date 12/24/69?! Thanks for your attention.

I am trying to find the lyrics to a song heard on Ha Hawaii Five-O episode in the late 70s. Some of the lyrics as I remember them: "I look at you, you look at me..." "I just can't stop falling for you..." "I can't stop thinking (about) of you..." "I can't help falling for you..."

Can you remember an episode that ends with a woman (who was busted by McGarrett) screams and throws a framed painting at him? I can’t remember anything else about the plot, but I’ve always remembered the ending. Any idea which episode I’m talking about?

Aloha Mike: Greetings from Vermont. I had a question and I thought you could answer it for me. Jack Lord owned a farmhouse in New England. Do you know where it was located. Mahalo!

Is there not a high level reference to Lewis Avery Filer on your site?

I can support Wo Fat getting top billing, but Filer is a Top 10 crook in TV history. Give him his due. Do not make that search difficult.

I have been searching for the answer to this question.

"In McGarrett’s office there is a picture on the wall that is seen in a lot of shots but we cannot figure out what it is of. To me it appears to be a sea creature of some sort. It is in pencil or just black and white. Do you know what this is of?"

I found the question on your website, but not the answer.

Thanks for you knowledge.

I thought I would contact you because I am trying to identify an episode. All I recall about it was that it ended with the bad guy cornered in what looked like a sugar cane field, which was then surrounded by what looked like every squad car in Honolulu. McGarrett and Chin (or was it Kono?) are standing off to the side when the cane catches fire. (Presumably, by the bad guy.) Kono then throws what look like a Hawaiian mask into the flames and the episode ended. Do your recall anything like that? Thanks!

Is there a name for the musical theme that appears at the beginning of Mother's Deadly Helper and culminates when Zerbe's car is driven away and you see the "Support the Local Police" bumper sticker?

Variations of this musical theme are also played in other episodes like Secret Witness at the beginning when Reynolds leaves work and sees the bagman gunned down and The Sunday Torch where the actual torch burns down a factory and the watchman comes out of the factory fully engulfed in flames.

Just watching this episode from S2 (S2E3 I believe), and I noticed that the estate in the first few minutes of the episode appears to be the Anderson Estate which later fills the role of Robin's Nest in the Magnum PI series. I was trying to confirm it on your page but couldn't find the information there.

I have a 1970s vintage Hawaii City and County of Honolulu license plate which could have been used on one of the police cars on the show. I have had it for a couple of years and haven't been able to find out any information confirming or denying it. I can provide a photo if need be.

I need some help. In Season Two, Episode 17 (Run Johnny Run), Jack is in his office (as in many, many other episodes) and behind his desk is a painting of a ship and a model 3-masted ship on a table. Could you tell me the names of those ships as entirely as possible. If you do not know, would you pls supply me with the name/email of the person who would know.

I can only purchase one season at this time, which is the overall best box season to purchase?

Do you have the LP soundtrack? If so, could you send me a cd of the entire album?


[I e-mailed back, saying I had made up a CD-ROM which includes both the original soundtrack and other material.]

Ok there a way I can get just hawaii five o soundtrack? I don't care much for the other stuff.

[MY REPLY: Hi, if you don't want to listen to the other material, then you should just stop the CD-ROM at the end of track 12 (or whatever the last track is on the CD-ROM that is taken from the LP record).]

Would you happen to have any movies on DVD? I am looking for Night of Dark Shadows and House of Dark Shadows that are only on VHS but maybe someone has copied them over to dvd..


I keep hearing that there's going to be a new "pilot" for Hawaii Five-O returning to TV. Do you know when that will happen, if it does? Also, I hate to be impatient, but when will Season 8 be out on DVD? Thanks.

We enjoyed the episodes with Hume Cronyn where he was the monopoly thief. What season was that? Is it coming out on DVD?

Are there any Hawaii 5-0 tours in Honolulu???

There was a episode that ended on the site of Alvah Scott Elementary school in Aiea, and a previous scene in that same episode with a chase scene that ended in Aiea as well, on the road next to the new Wendy's restraunt in Aiea, across the street from Times Supermarket and 76 gas station. Any idea which episode that was??

OMG! I BEG YOU, PLEASE SHOW THE REMAKE! I have the "Hawaii Five-O" song on my cell phone as a ring tone. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SHOW IT!

I purchased a Hawaii license plate off Ebay a few years back and it’s from the early ‘70s (I think 1972). Is there any way (other than checking every episode closely) to know if it ever appeared in a 5-0 episode?

How did the whole thing come to an end? I read your Season 13 show guide and it seems the writers just simply gave up or had nothing left in the tank to come up with some interesting shows. I mean, the one where Jack Lord tries to kill himself by eating too much??? That's pretty crazy. How could the producer accept that?? :-)

(I had to point out to this person that "Season 13" is a joke...)

do you have cobtacts [sic] with the actores [sic] james mcarthur [sic]

Years ago I was watching an episode on TV with my sister and there was a scene with Dano and Mcgarrett driving, at one point I heard Dano say to Mcgarrett, "F*ck you Steve" I looked at my sister and she had a very surprised look on her face and she said did he just say F you Steve? Anyway we both heard it and laughed and laughed and to this day we both swear that we did indeed hear it, no we do not do drugs LOL.

Have you ever heard anyone else talk about this? I did not ask in the guestbook forum because I do not want people to think that I am "trolling".

I was reading your home page and was wondering if you know the name of the sexy girl in the red dress who runs on the beach in the opening theme music for Hawaii Five-o?

She swings her long black hair around as she turns to look at the camera and she has a very graceful run along the beach, fixing her hair as she does it.

Where is she now?

Mike, sometime between June 1971 and before February 1973, I was in a HF0 episode, which took place in the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel. I played a housekeeping maid and my friend was the bellboy. My 85 year old mother would love to view the show. Can you do what I've not been able to accomplish.... identify that episode? Mahalo.

I responded to this person:

Hi, you don't give enough details to determine what the show is. The only thing I can suggest is you get copies of the episodes from this period, all of which have been released on DVD. Were these speaking parts? It might help if you give me your real name instead of some Yahoo alias. It sounds like it >might< be the first of the Vashon episodes, which was from season 5.

She responded:

I did not intend to upset your delicacy. I came to the expert, narrowing my memory as well I could and was reluctant to provide my full name. You were harsh, so I was right to trust my intuition...that you've not changed…even after decades of opportunities to mellow-out. I won't share this unfortunate moment with our mutuals.

No idea who she is or what she is talking about.

How would i go about being an extra on the show....i live in honolulu and would love to be on the show...

I'm interested in placing a promotional link on your page: [Where there is a joke episode about McGarrett losing his hair.]

The link would be for a website which has hair restoration as its main keywords.

I have a limited budget, but hopefully there is a reasonable price we could arrange.

Please let me know if you're interested, and if not thanks for your time.

Thanks for taking my question.....

I wanted to ask the reason if you might know, why Hawaiian legend Do Ho was never in any of the Five-O episodes the entire 12 year run? especially back in those day's, when you thought of thought of entertainer Don Ho.

He did some cameo appearances on other shows, like Charlies Angels Sanford and Son, Brady Bunch and "yes" even Batman

But since Hawaii Five-O was filmed entirely in Hawaii, I am really surprised Don Ho never appeared in any episodes as a character or a cameo as himself?

I'm sure there were plenty of scenes on the show where he could have made a cameo, night club scene, or a lounge scene or even maybe a by the pool scene?

Also I can't remember any episode where he was even mentioned at all?

Was there a reason for this that you may know of?

He also was never seen or mentioned in the tv show Magnum P.I.?

Thanks for your time, if you have any insight on this, please let me know....

Thanks again,

I've finally began purchasing the H50 DVD's from Amazon. I've just started Season 4. I've noticed that the opening theme changed during the first episode - sounds more like the Ventures. Did the show use the Venture's theme, or one influenced by the Ventures beginning with Season 4?

Also, I'm wondering if you've ever considered implementing a discussion forum on the H50 site. Might be useful for queries like this.

I have been a big fan of your pages for years.

I just read your review of the new series.

when did this pilot (2010) air? and will it be aired again?

Any idea of the name of the "Hawaiian song" that plays on the radio during the opening scene of Show 96 (R&R&R)? It seems that the show uses it as a 'stock' Hawaiian song in a couple of the early episodes, Seasons 1 thru 4.

Glad to see someone is even more obsessed with Five O than I am. Are there copies of the 1997 movie out there?

i just finished watching season 9 could you please tell me what is the new office building of five o in this season.

Does anyone know where Jack Lord was laid to rest?

What is the episode that has a guy performing a karate kata (form) on a balcony? I really don't remember anything other than that scene. Can you help?

i got 4 questions to ask about Five O.

What was Jack Lord original residance before Five O was created?

What was Jack Lord last televison apperance?

What was Jack Lord favorite episode on Five O?

What were Five O rejected actors?

Sir, As your biggest fan, please tell me who the female is in the original 5-0 intro. I believe there are 3 quick 3 shots of her.

One running in a sun-dress, the other a face shot of her turning around facing the camera.

I have included a photo of her. Also James MacArthur (Danno), What is he doing now

Know where I can get a hi0res photo of Wo Fat? Anyone got any production stills?

Can you give me a web address where I can download a FREE copy of Bored She Hung Herself?

I am writing on behalf of a non-profit organization in Hilo, Hawaii and we are having a fundraiser to support our programs. This will include locking up our local community leaders - who will have to set bail to get our. We would love to have an appearance by someone from Hawaii Five-O. Know how we could do this?

I'm confused about the history in the new is the present McGarrett related to Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) if at all? Who is John McGarrett? Please sort this out for me and any others. Thank you.

Was there really a college marching band theme song contest? What schools participated?

What seasons are considered the best?

new 5-0 has been good so far and last nite was well, fast and furious. are the episodes gonna have Hawaiian episode titles? last 2 were that. and how come the episodes titles don't show up on these shows?

Gees, how do you submit a comment [to the Five-O Guestbook]? I don't understand what all the stuff means you request be typed into the two boxes. Something about minus the first two and last two ????????? What's that supposed to be telling me?

Hello Mike: ... I edit a column for [a m]agazine about TV and movie stars.

I recently got a question about the original Hawaii Five-0 TV series and was searching for a photo to use with the question.

Could you possibly email a high rez color shot of the original cast that we could run with the question?

I appreciate your consideration

How can I get copies of the DVDs what is the cost?

Why did Jack Lord wear ascots in many of the later Hawaii Five-O shows?

Hi. I tried to sign the "guestbook." I am having trouble with it. It says: Type ZCXBookemDanno24 minus first 3 and last 2 characters: So I type: ZCXBookemDanno24 minus first 3 and last 2 characters: Type ZCXBookemDanno24 minus first 3 is ZCXBookemDanno24 minus first 3 is "21": ZCXBookemDanno21 But what are the last 2 characters? "21"? "no"? Everything I've tried doesn't work. I am a live person and I can't figure this out. Therefore, I am prevented in signing the guest book.

Do you know if it is possible to get written consent to use the Hawaii Five-0 theme songs in a video on youtube for a business commercial? [My response = "Yes."]

I was wondering if you could help me find a good quality instance of the 'full' Hawaii Five-O theme? Any idea for the new Five-O (which seems to be a very good new performance)?

I ask her, I'm a fan of them and would like to have two autographs

I found your page hoping to find some info on the black Mercury's Jack Lord drove in the original series. Awesome cars! Do you have info / pics or links to site that would?

One thing I'm curious about in the original theme is that instrument with an extremely tenor voice which has some small, but very significant, passages here and there. Do you know what it is?

What I really want to ask about is the building in the original title sequence which has the steps going up to the front with some grand constructions on each successive level. I Googled photos of Iolani Palace but didn't see these. Do you know what building they used? Thank you for trying to provide answers.



I responded:

Why are you telling me this? I do not work for the production company that makes the show or CBS.

He replied:


How many episodes ended with "book'em Danno"?

Hi, how come this weeks episode was a re-run of a previous one?

How come Danno and McGarrett never wear seat belts but Chin Ho and Kono do?


Please, if you know whoever is in charge, please ask them to turn it down!!!

Re-recorded complete main theme from the 2010 revival arranged and conducted by Brian Tyler. [file located on my main page]

cuts off! help!

Hi; i am a huge fan of Five 0, and i see it is now available on DVD, can you tell me, has it been digitally re-mastered?

That's what they say, though the current (10th) season does not look particularly "remastered."

Is the format widescreen or normal?

Same as it was originally shot, 4:3 (normal).

And....i am in Australia, region 4 i think, so i cant import it from the states

Uh, I guess you could order it from just like other people in Australia. Whether you can play these NTSC region 1 DVDs on your player is another question.

how do i find it here?

Try a DVD store? Go to Google and search for australian dvd stores or something like that?

My comment to someone who e-mailed me: Hi, you should post that story in the Guestbook on my site.

Their reply: I don't know how to do that.

I have a dilapitated T-shirt with imprint of James MacArthur, & famous line, `book`em Dano!` Any idea where I could get a replacement shirt?

I now know I am remembering an odd moment from episode 2 of season 6, "Draw Me a Killer." What I do not know, and hope you may be able to help me with, is this: Who actually drew the "Judy Moon" comic strip seen in the episode? It looks far too good to have been drawn by actor Tom Hatten (who famously did quick sketches as part of his TV hosting duties in Los Angeles). Or did Hatten actually provide the art seen in the episode?

I was so bummed that my Tivo didn’t record this last Monday night’s episode. I had friends over and turned on Tivo to realize it was a not there. Argh!! Do you know of any place or any way I can possibly download a video of it? Any quality would be fine. Thanks in advance for any help you might have.

I am very interested in getting Hawaii five 0 Season 11 on tape or DVD. In particular the episodes below. My friends were in the disco scenes.Do you know if they are available anywhare?

I have been a fan of Five-O in the 70s. Now If Steve McGarrett never had a wife and child then what is the New Five-O series the new McGarrett talking about his Dad was the head of Five-O. The Story episode when McGarett talks about his mom died in car crash and his dad left clues to the murder. I dont know if the Story relates to the old steve in the 80s when that show went off the air. I Dont know what the new McGarrett is talking about his dad about his mom had an car crash. This Puzzles me. Is this the New Five-O is just a new show carries Five-O all over again or its the second generation of Five-O.

I know you may be busy and have a discussion forum on the sirte, but as I have not followed it closely what I want to know may have already been addressed, and I know how annoyed people get revisiting old hashed out subjects.

The main thing I want to know is, was there a legal or contractual reason, rights, etc, that the new show was not done as a continuation, rather than a "reboot", or was it what otherwise must just be arrogance? Like many others [I am sure] , I think it was a huge mistake doing it this way. I know there was the Busey continuation pilot years ago that got nowhere. I am not thrilled with the new show, although I watch [often FF] it, but I realize it is a "hit" and they were not aiming for my generation; it is obviously intended more for the younger action/adventure set .

[from a subsequent e-mail]

I can not remember a single time this has been done on tv- movies from tv shows always are reboots of course and there have been myriad continuations and spinoffs of shows on tv- but to take a very successful iconic show, arrogantly say, "we can do it better" and to ignore the vast treasure from the past they could have drawn on, built on and referred to- they could have had everyone- old fans, new fans, and the show would have been vastly deeper and richer. Instead, they have just looted the old show, taken what they wanted without giving it the respect it deserves. SHAME !

Please can you help me out. I collect boxing episodes and just found out that Hawaii Five-o has a third boxing episode in season 12 called sign of the ram episode 5 #269. Please I am a boxing film historian on boxing in film and Television and would like this to back up my personal library. Please reply and thank you so much.


I had these [season six DVDs] in my Netflix queue and now they are no longer available!

They have been moved to the "saved" section, which means *maybe* they eventually will be available again, but who knows.

Wonder what happened.

Hi! My 12-year old twin sons are taking my husband to Hawaii to celebrate his 50th birthday. Hawaii 50 is their favorite TV show and we watch it as a family. They decided on Hawaii because of your show and the 50 that comes after Hawaii. They know that the 50 is because Hawaii was the 50th state but they thought it would come in handy for their Dad’s birthday. Do you have any tapings of the show while we will be in Hawaii (March 18-27)? If so, how do you go about getting tickets to the taping?

Love the new program but may be forced to stop watching!

1) The music is too loud

2) The actors speak too quickly

The above results in the fact that we cannot make out what they are saying half the time!

Please get them to adjust!

Are there any pictures of Jack Lord during the last years of his life?

I've looked through your site for the answer to this question and I am hoping you can help me out. I know why they used the name "Danno" on the show, but how did they explain it in the storyline?? I know on the new one, it's a term of endearment between Danny and his daughter. but what about the original??

Five-0 Season 6 isn't on Netflix, but seasons 5 & 7 are. I wonder why? Sorry if this has been asked too much,

Have looked all over but can find no pictures of Jack Lord after he retired in 1980. Are there any pictures any where of him in the 1990’s?

Watched tonight's 5-0 and heard a song, near the end, but not the last song. Had vocals, but couldn't get enough to do word search for song title.

What is that song & artist?

i've been digging through old vcr tapes, and found episode 9 of season 2, "singapore file". By any chance, do you know the title of the music that is played in the disco scene at the beginning? I've been searching that for at least 10 years now. I remember this music was used in later episodes, too (dont remember which ones, though). Had no luck yet

My wife and I usually like Hawaii Five O...However, we don't have one of the modern TV's...I guess that's what we need...anyway, your background music is so loud on our TV, we find it difficult to watch your shows.

We have an old TV with built in speakers in an enclosed area. Most programs are very good...but your back ground music ( or noise) is way too loud). It isn't impressive and I haven't figured out why it is needed. Are the actors so bad that you have to have noise (music) in the background to take attention off them?

Oh well, we'll watch something else.

I am a major Hawaii Five-0 fan of both the original and the rebooted series.

Question: interested in obtaining a copy o the new Five-O unit crest as shown in Episode 3 on the office floor and wall of Five-O HQ?

I think it looks awesome and would be fantastic as a embroidered patch on a jacket, hat or sport shirt or t-shirt.

If you can direct me accordingly, that would be immensely appreciated.

hey mike, i am not only considering but have been dreaming about having my 50th birthday party in hawaii for about at least thirty years now & finally, & at long last, the date is coming up later this year on september 12th. i am a big original 5-0 fan & jack lord was my idol(i came close to meeting him when i flew out to hawaii in i believe the summer of '90. i had a good connection but my grandfather died & i had to fly back to chicago).. anyway, i was wondering if you had any ideas & would like to perhaps join us out there for the celebration(& perhaps some permanent dedications). all i'll try to say in this introductory letter is that i am intending on having a very eclectic group of people who have been intregal to my first 50 on this planet. & most importantly i would like to help any & all original hawaii 5-0 people & locales(hotels; classic shooting locations) be embedded in immortal hawaii 5-0 history!! my knowledge of everything about the show i'm sure pales in comparison to yours(i do have some interesting tidbits though) but i can guarantee you that no one has anymore vim, vigor, enthusiasm & appreciation for that show than i!! so perhaps you could help me with a list of other top appreciators. thank you for your time! & i hope to hear from you.. p.s. i'd also like to make it so successful so that hawaii gets known for being THE place for people to go & have their 50th birthdays, anniversaries, what have you!! thanks again for your time..

I have an autographed picture from Jack Lord from the early ‘70’s. Is there any market for this.

Hi, I saw on on 2-8-2011 that the original release date of hawaii five o-the 11th season would possibly be released on 4-19-2011. Then on that web site it was reported that the 11th season wouldn't be released on April 19. Do you know if cbs/paramount is going to release season 11 later - possibly by June or if they're putting out the last 2 seasons together?

Mike, is there a Hawaii Five O Reunion or Convention planned in the near future?

tried to print out season 1 of your reviews....26 pages? i ain't paying for that---5 cents a page. there is a lab in my bldg where printing is free but the terminals aren't working.

I am hoping you can help me out, can you please tell me where you found the new theme song as a mp3? If you have it as a file can you please send it to me, I have been looking all over for it to no luck.

I was so disappointed in the last show monday. This is when the show had the lead character's sister fly in from the main land. Very poor tasted that she was being held because of disarming a smoke alarm. I was on a flight and someone did that. They arrested him on the plane and he road out the rest of the trip in hand cuffs. At departure he was arrested and then on the show mcgarrets sister gets no response because of her act. I know it is just a show but many people watch this and with the terror in our country I think they could have opened with a better plot. I love the show but this really turned me off. What she did was a very serious crime and no one else would have gotten off with spending the day in a office.

Could you please tell me the names of the 2 Hawaiian Christmas songs at the end of the Hawaii 5-0 Christmas episode? And was the second song by IZ?

I was wondering if you could point me to an episode. In the opening scene, a diver or swimmer in the night or early morning hours comes up on the beach from the water and goes into a small home on the beach and strangles a person, who had been sleeping, to death. Just before the strangling, the person woke up because the killer dripped one drop of water on the victim's forehead. I'm 47 now and recall the original Five-0 and this episode in particular. Now I'm a fan of the new show and my family got me Season 10 of the original on DVD for Christmas. Three episodes in, I love it.

If you recall which episode that was and could give me the episode number on your site, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Seeing as how you are the expert on all things H5-0, maybe you can help me out. The most recent ep...pirates kidnap kids.....there's a very nice guitar piece at the end, and I'm trying to find out the artist is. I've tried using all the "plug in the lyrics and we'll tell you the song" websites to no avail. (That is, the lyrics I could understand...they weren't too clear).

I have a badge allegedly once owned by Jack Lord but I'm starting to question its authenticity.

A friend told me you have a picture of a badge on your site that was given to a sick lady by Jack Lord, but the photo of the badge is very low resolution. Do you have a way of getting me a higher resolution picture of that badge please? It would help a great deal in discovering if this is the same badge I have, or if somebody's pulling a fast one.

Thanks so much, Mike!

who are the guys that are paddling in the end credits of the original Hawaii 5-O

I hope you can help me with my question. I have a good friend that many years ago appeared as an extra in Hawaii five o. However he has never seen the episode. The episode included a man celebrating his birthday and opening presents. One of them contained a poisonous spider that bit him. Do you have any idea of series or even the name of that episode ?

Where can I find Al Harrington please.

I have been browsing your website for hawaii five o and got your email of the discussion forums. Could you upload some season 12 episodes to youtube, the dvd wont be released in the uk for quite some time and i cannot find the episodes anywhere else on the internet, if you could upload some episodes i would be very grateful

[The answer to this request was "NO." - MQ], in case you don't know what this is about...

THEM: Hello - We have bought all of the original Hawaii 50 dvds, 1 thru 12. Howeve the Hawaii 50 Home Page lists a 13th season with episode descriptions. Will this season be available on dvd? If not, is there any way to view them? Thank you very much.
ME: Look at the top of the page. What do you see?
THEM: I don't of what page?
ME: Where do you see the 13th season "listed"?
THEM: Where all the seasons and are listed across the shows a season 13 with episode descriptions with the first being about a porno sting.....that's why I'm confused. On the Hawaii 50 home page, you scroll down to where all the seasons are listed in blue across the shows a season 13 to click on.
ME: Go to the page you have just described about the "porno sting." Look at the top of the page. What do you see there? (I am talking about the title of the page.)
THEM: Do you mean where it says Season 13 etc., with a smiley face?
ME: Yes, what does the smiley face suggest to you, especially since none of the other season analysis pages have this?
THEM: You are saying this season 13 was a joke on your part?
ME: Yes.

What about a 5 0 ringtone for my Cell ????

What is "Season 13" of Hawaii Five-O?? Is it any episodes sent on TV? Same minutes as ordinary episodes? Or what really are they??

Do you know who played the surfer in 3 dead cows?

Which antagonist told McGarrett"you got no evidence McGarrett and when you got no evidence you got no crime"?

Do you have any pictures of Jack lords home and what happened to his cars thanks

Question: Why is season #13 treated so differently? According to IMDB, Amazon, WIKI, etc. it didn't even exist. What's the deal?

Do you recommend the new series of Hawaii 5 0 at all??

I've been watching reruns again lately and I just saw "The Flip Side is Death" yesterday. I really thought the old Dodge panel van that was the pineapple co. delivery truck was very cool. Could you find out what year and model it is? Surely with the mailing list of fans that you have, someone would know that info. Anyway, if you could find that out for me it would be great, and then you could put it on the trivia info for that episode.

Please could you tell me, when is season 8 through to season region 2, 12 being released. thank you.

I am putting a home video together and would like to find a copy of the video and audio of the intro (main theme). Can you tell me where I can find a copy.

Do you have easy access to any images of Dorothy Mackaill as Mrs. Pelcher on H50? I wanted to post in a long review I did of a silent movie screening of hers. I'd be so grateful if you have anything easily accessible.

I really enjoy watching the "new" Hawaii five o.. I am of the age that I always watched the original and I truly love the new series and always set it to record if I can't stay up to watch, however, I don't remember in anyone of the "new" series that anyone has explained the "name" Hawaii five o.. I know it came from Hawaii being the 50'th state.. but how many people do?.. can you incorporate that in a series sometime?

You can save me a lot of time browsing the forums if you happen to know in what episode that the SeaFlite ferry "Kamehameha" appeared. I have a webpage and would like to show a video clip showing the ferry in action. Do you know who to contact for permission to use a clip if it is found?

Would you happen to know where Jack Lords artist studio was located in brooklyn and what the address may have been because I have some artwork believed to be that of Jack Lord,thanks so much.

I'm a fan of both the new and original version of H5O ( I was given the discs by a friend). The new H5O frequently references the original version. I don't know if you follow the new show...but there is an on-going arc about someone called Shelbourne - related to Wo Fat. I wondered if there was anything in the original series that this might refer to that would give us some clues on what to expect.

hi there iwas wondery when the new hawaii five 0 season 3 comes out on dvd/irealing like new show ty4 utime

Mike, I wanted to know the relationship of Alex(Steve McGarrett) to Jack Lord(also Steve McGarrett) . Who was his father in this series or as in the last episode of pearl harbor when james spoke of his grandfather who is that to be. Can you please explain since you're the expert in this series.

We are in the process of promoting a website about drug and alcohol dependence. Would you be open to the idea of placing a text link ad on this page: mjq[.]net/fiveo/5-0log8.htm

We hope to hear from you soon, so we can discuss rates and other pertinent details.

I'm a big fan of Kwan Hi Lim's work on the show. Did you ever meet him?

In one of the new show episodes, McGarrett's military shadow box was shown. Is there a picture of the box? I would like to see if it is good to make one for my own.

how can I get my feedback to the appropriate person to do something about the 'cheesiness' of one of the actors and some of the 'off the wall' segments.

I'm not sure if you'll answer this email or even get it, but I am working on a project and would love to connect. I am trying to research the original "Five-0" for little known or publicized "facts," if you will, and I hoped you could help.

Would you have any idea how to contact anyone on behalf of Harrington and/or Mossman - or have any email contact addys for those occasional production people?

I have just found 2 Hawaii Five-0 books written for teen agers? Do you know where I can get more? I found "The Octopus Caper" and "Top Secret". The author is Leo Ellis.

I wondered if you could help me out? I have a friend in Montreal who is certain that, as a kid, he saw an episode of 5-0 where Robert Conrad made a cameo appearance, which included him having a fight scene with Jack Lord. I do not recall this at all and all my research shows that Conrad never appeared on 5-0, not even for a cameo.

it seems to me that for the most part steve mcgarrett only wore that blue suite. i just want to know why. was it budget, was it a trademark thing. just would like to know if you know why.

the others for the most part seem to wear their same suite as well

I am 65 years old and an avid fan of Hawaii five O. How can I meet the actors in action?

I read that Michelle Wie might do a show. I volunteered recently where she played and had a great idea for crime show, that I have never seen or been done ( to my knowledge anyway). I love a bloody mystery. Is there anyway I can get my idea to the writers ?

I'm chair of journalism and mass communication at [a certain] University.

I was working on a paper on forensic science as depicted on television in the 1960s and 1970s.

I wanted to focus on Harry Endo's work on Hawaii Five-0.

Do you have recording of the Five-0 reunions that I could get copies of?

Any interviews of Harry Endo would be very helpful.

Thank you very much for your time.

Ok in the newest episode when they are spreading the guys ashes in the ocean an their all on their boards in a bog circle. They are playing a hawaiian song in the background what song is that?

Hi! I didn't want to embarrass you, but on the tribute page to Danno -you left out a T in McGarrett. Thought that you would like to know. Thanks Judy

Hi my daughter who has health problems loves the program ,so much so that we are having a holiday to Hawaii in March. We will be in Honolulu March 10th to 14th. She would be thrilled to meet any of the cast, if this is at all possible. We are with a Tauck tour and staying at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

I am from the UK currently in Hawaii. We are having little success finding shooting locations of the original “Hawaii 50”. Can you help, please?

I was stationed at Hickam Air Force Base from 74-77 and there was an episode filmed on base at the air terminal. Can you advise what episode that would have been please? My Google searches have revealed nothing. The reason for my interest is the fact I was on the flight line during filming.

I've been watching re-runs of 5-0 lately and noticed a few things not covered in your otherwise exhaustive notes. Do you still want people to send you stuff or are you done with updating factoids on your episode guide? I'm not promising stunning revelations or anything but you never know...

Mike, I'm going to be on the island for a one-day trip and would like to visit as many regional 70's shooting locations as possible. Any advice?

Thank you for consideration. Make it a great day.

I am 65 years old and an avid fan of Hawaii five O. How can I meet the actors in action?

Mike, I've got a 1968 Mercury Parklane Brougham 4 door, 428 Super Marauder loaded with options, black w/black vinyl top, but with red interior I'm looking to sell. I've got it posted on IMOA, Mercury Marauder Club, and some other sites as well. It will also be in Hemmings and Classic Cars in December. Got any suggestions where else I can post it to make it available to Hawaii Five-O fans. I love your articles, and am looking forward to hearing from you.

I get into the trivia and like to pick out the nuances episodes. My question is, which episodes did Mcgarrett say "Thank God"?

What can you tell viewers about the black sleeveless flag/Blue Line t-shirt worn by Grace Park in this episode? Where can it be found, or do you know of a source for it?

what episode had a navy officer who was thought to be dead who was in fact selling heroin and kept a knife up his sleeve. saw this episode years ago and would like to see it again.

I was reading one link for the new season 2 which mentioned info about an original episode,original series about the 3 fcc tracking vans( was it ?) that tracks down a signal to a warehouse..I am tryin to locate the episode quicker by someones help if they(you) know it right off the bat,its appreciated as I will read every episode id in imdb if i have to but what if the info does not include that part,it might but I am just wondering if you can help first.I have another non internet fan of it that i am tryin to help too...thanks very much in advance

I have been trying to identify these sunglasses (pictures included) for almost a year now, and decided to start emailing the pros such as yourself. Any help at all would be appreciated. And if you know anyone that might be an expert or you would be able to point me in the right direction, I would most certainly appreciate it. They are from the first episode (after the pilot), in the first season of Hawaii Five O in 1968 titled Full Fathom Five and worn by Jack Lord.

Doug Mossman lives three minutes from where i work. what can you tell me about him? is he still alive?

Can you please help me; I saw Jack lord singing with glen camble on you tube... but I can no longer find it. And are there any dvds, videos, etc where jack lord sings??? Would very much appreciate any information on this.

My father and I have been watching the old Hawaii Five O episodes for a few years and love them. We are currently trying to find a certain episode which had a great line in it, but of course we cannot remember it all, but I was going to see if you had any idea. It was like there was a truck backfiring in a neighborhood after a murder or crime and McGarrett is questioning the neighbors as witnesses. He goes to one older lady’s house and she seems to be lying about hearing anything. He catches her lying and he says “So what color was it?” In reference to the truck/car. Basically he catches her lying about it. Anyway, we just keep remembering that line/scene and cannot find it for the life of us.

At the end of episode 91, "While You're at it, bring in the Moon" McGarrett makes a sign with his hand. He extends his thumb and little finger and sort of turns his hand in the way that you would turn a compass on a sheet of paper to make a circle. I have always known this sign to mean "I love you" but I know that was not what he was saying. If you know and you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it.

Each week I create promos for a radio station in Philadelphia that's giving away trips to Hawaii on a regular basis, so audio clips from a show like "Hawaii Five-0" can add a lot to the pieces I put together. (Let me tell you, lines such as "Book 'em, Danno" and "Be there--Aloha" are real crowd-pleasers.) Since you know the whole series so well, I was wondering if there might be a specific episode in which McGarrett actually says things about Hawaii itself. Maybe he refers to the weather or the sea or the surfing or the tourist hotspots. My two questions to you are: Can you recommend a particular show that contains that sort of dialogue? And if you have that show in your archives, would you be able to make that portion of the audio available to us?

"The phrase 'BOOK'EM DANNO' comes from the hit TV series Hawaii 5-0. Danno was the nickname for the "Dan Williams" character. Originally, the nickname was an adlib by one of the actors. Which actor and what are the real life origins of the nickname?"

This is a trivia question and if I have the answer then I can get $25 off my Hawaii vacation.

If you know that answer please e-mail me.

I'm trying to get the music for when the car rolls of the mountain with the guy in it from the episode above. It is featured in several episodes and it normally comes before the commercial break. Those cues I would love to get from Ucla. Or download from you. Does that have a theme name? Strange questions but you seem like you might be able to help me.

i've got a fiveO song i've recorded. my girlfriend wrote some lyrics and i made a song out of it. you gotta hear this, so what's your mailing address?

I have been to your page many times over the last few years. I only now noticed. Your Header on your home page reads "WELCOME TO THE HAWAII FIVE-O HOME PAGE!". I'm not all that anal; but this, I believe, should be a Zero "0", not an "O"- as in Five Zero for 50(th State).

My name is Ray and i was in the navy from 1974 to 1977 active duty in Pearl Harbor Hawaii stationed aboard the ship USS KNOX DE1052 WHICH WAS LATER RECLASSIFIED AS A fAST Frigate.I believe episode 169 was filmed partially aboard our ship.Jack Lords charator play a reserve officer.Is there any further info you could send me on the show as it is a good subject to talk with my grandkids now . They always want too know what sort of things gramps did in the service.

Dear Mike:

I stay up late to tape 5-0 when it's on (WGN) I do searches on the TV system "Search" option. I have over 175 aloha shirts, I dress my kids in aloha shirts. I send something from Hilo's hatties to all new borns. I wear an aloha shirt everyday. I even had aloha bow ties and cumberbuns at my wedding. The honeymoon was a 3 Island trip (the big island, Maui, and lanai') So you can bet your bottom dollar that I bookmarked your page, and thank pele' for you, and people like you.

MahaloUncle Steve

Today I just found out that my late brother in law made an appearance on Hawaii Five - O. I don't know how often he was in an episode I don't even know which episode.

His name was Steve Sisley I have not been able to find his name in the credits. Do you know what episode he was in?

Hi Mike,

I'm quite impressed by your site lists Jack Hogan as Navy Coast Guard Commander Dumarest in the eps:

170 - MacGarrett is Missing
198 - Heads, You're Dead

But Mr. Hogan said told one of our COMBAT! fans that he was in four HF-0 eps.

A fan identified them as:

168 - 6,000 Deadly Tickets
136 - The Banzai Pipeline

Jack Hogan isn't listed in your ep guide for the last two eps mentioned, and I'm sorry to bother you, but would you check and confirm that Mr. Hogan is indeed in: 168 - 6,000 Deadly Tickets and 136 - The Banzai Pipeline?

Thank you very much,
Nancy LionStorm
Walnut Creek, CA
- moderator of the cast of COMBAT! VCR Alerts

I've noticed several episodes (unfortunately I can't recall any at the moment) where a character puts a silencer on a revolver. I don't want to get too technical but, this would be completely useless mostly because a lot of noise escapes elsewhere in a revolver.

Mr. Mike - You probably can't imagine my surprise when I surf the net and found that there is a whole world of Jack Lord fans out there. I have been a fan since the Stoney Burke days and that was a few years ago! In rummaging in my attic recently I ran across my file box full of memorabilia on Jack - old articles, TV Guide episode write-ups, pictures, etc. - and to think that I almost threw it out. I was a bit confused by the time I checked out every website listed. Can you tell me - is there a basic "fan club" or are there many? I use to belond to one run by a handicapped woman in LA who said at the time that she was the only "official one" there was - which I think was true back then, but that was YEARS ago. I gather there is an e-mail newsletter as well now - as a kid - I never would have guessed it would so easy to be connected! Write back!

Can you be of any help providing further info and/or a value on the following?: Hawaii Five-O, Original soundtrack, Capitol. The cover is identical to the one listed on your site (that has the catalogue number ST-410) but is marked with catalogue no. SM-410 and has an original sticker on the front cover which says 'For Sale To US Military Only'. It was imported from the US here to the UK. There is no date.

Back in the late 60's early 70's my late mother appeared in an eppisode of Hawaii Five-O. I was adopted at the age of 4 and am now looking to find anything I can about her. Do you know where I can obtain a copy of her eppesode or any information about her in related databases? I appreciate you taking the time to look at this.

I was hoping that you could help my father recall a proverb/quote that appeared in an episode. The needlepoint quote was hanging on a wall and said something about how a fool points to the sky. Sorry this is so father used this saying for years and is starting to lose his memory but really wants to remember the exact words. Thanks for any help you are able to give.

A vereee dumbquestion but I am looking for a particular episode of 5-O and I think it is #156. In this episode it features the "SEAFLITE" Boeing Jetfoil in a high speed water chase. I was on that vessel for that filming and am trying to locate a copy if it is indeed the one I am looking for. Can u help me.?

You must get lots of dumb rerquests like this but if u can help it wud be appreciated..

I was watching the Hawaii Five-O episode #86 (Odd Man In) and I noticed that the voice of Goro Shibata (played by Jiro Tamiya) was provided by Paul Frees! Any idea why they dubbed his voice?

which episodes she was on. I found your fantastic "Hawaii Five-O" web page and hoped to find the info at your site. But your site is so huge that I'm afraid it would take forever to find the information myself.

I don't know if you know who Leann Hunley is, but if you do and maybe know which episodes she was on, please, please email me. Thank you for a great page!

When the character would say Book 'em Danno, what was Danny's response?

I've noticed that McGarrett's office had a large picture of a clipper ship. I used to have one exactly like that and am in search of another one. Any idea where I can get some info on the picture, like artist or the name of the ship, or even where to buy one???

What does F.O.B. Honolulu mean in episode 66 and 67

Mike, what episode had a car chase scene with a white Lotus Europa & would there be pictures/video of it?

I was able to see the episode Blind Tiger the other day and at the beginning of the show during the birthday party eveyone was singing. I thought it was a type of hawaiian birthday song . Could you please help ?

I have a mint M Station: Hawaii business card Jack gave to me in the early 80's with his signature on the back. He parked in front of our house in Beverly Hills so we asked him for an autograph. He was very kind. It says, "For Brian, Aloha, Jack Lord." It says Jack Lord, executive producer, a Lord and Lady Production, and address of Diamond Head Road at Eighteenth Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96816. I really don't need it anymore and would prefer to have a collector have it. How can I hook up with someone who would like to buy it? What do you think it's worth? Any help would be appreciated.

Do you know if Robert Lansing (12 O'Clock High, The Equalizer) ever appeared in an episode of Hawaii 5-O? Any help you can give me on this would be most appreciated.

There is a scene in an [unspecified - MQ] episode of Hawaii Five-O where Jack Lord makes this statement in the middle of the scene when the script obviously called for "set up the stakeout". I remember that he hesitated for the briefest moment after having said this (his expression said "what did I just say?"), but none of the other actors or crew reacted, and he then continued with his lines and finished the scene. Since the scene appeared in the show this way, I have always wondered if anybody on the show noticed this and why it was left in. If you have any information about this I would appreciate hearing from you.

Do you know what kind of font was used in making the HFO opening theme/credits, or who has a web page that might have it? I tried a web search, but failed to find anything.

I have a little question here. In episode 38, "Blind Tiger," (which I caught on TV last night) there's a brunette nurse that pops up at the end when Steve is getting his eyesight back. He mistakes her for Nurse Lavallo, and she goes "I'll not have any of my patients not wearing their slippers!" or something like that, before walking out the door smiling. Do you by any chance know who this actress is?

I recall reading or hearing lyrics to the theme with the 2nd line "...McGarrett, and he is the law" or "I am the law." Any recollection of this? (I prefer Bill Murray's version, at any rate.)

Terrible what happened to zulu. Do you have any idea what the annual salaries were for the hawaii five o actors?

Is any known religious preference known of Jack Lord? On the picture on your website of his auctioned badge, he uses religious terminology.

My name is kerry and emailing from New Zealand. Question to you. What epesodes does the helicopter appear? It was a Blue and White hughes 500. N9014F I think that is the number on the side. the helicopter later came here to NZ. We dont get this TV show on TV here anymore. How many times did it Appear?

Can you tell me why Jack Lord and "Steve McGarrett" always wore either a tie or scarf?

I cannot think of an episode where he wore an open collar with no scarf. This also includes "real life"; I have been to several of Jack Lords showings and even then he still had his "neck" covered.

Any assistance in answering this would be greatly appreciated.

There was an episode of Hawaii Five-O in which there were tyre marks left at the scene of a crime. Was it mentioned that they identified the brand of tyres? Sorry, I am in Australia and we spell tire (tyre).

Do you know why the Five-0 vehicles had sirens, but no blue lights? Was it a state restriction?

I am trying to locate a H50 episode that my grandfather and uncle appeared on. They both passed away years ago. I know that it was a very small, tiny extras roll where they played a music trio in a bar or lounge and it may have been Spanish music. I looked at the description of the episodes but was not able to determine which one it may have been. Do you know how I can find out which episode they may have been on?

My brother did a very quick scene in an episode of Hawaii five O. I don't know what the episode was called, and my brother had such a quick small part. In the episode, a "body" falls from an Ala Wai hotel or apartment. My brother and a couple of people are riding by in the back of a pick up truck, and witness the body falling. I don't know if they're questioned by MacGarret in the next scene, but I think my mother actually has a photo of my brother with Jack Lord in that scene. If you know the name of the episode, please let me know.

What was the name of the actor who played Steve McGarrett's nephew? I have tried a few websites and no joy. I'm sure I remember him being in a few TV shows in the early 1970s.

I have been trying to find out when Steve's birthday was, I know he was a capricorn.

I feel a little silly asking this, especially as it's noy a direct 5-0 question but...

In some episodes they use these stick looking phones of the time, what are they called?

From a later e-mail: I'm sorry, they were wider on the bottom, where you dialed from and curved up thinner, where you listened. Most were seen at restaurants or peoples homes.

I appreciate your taking time on this.

Has your TV research turned up why Chin Ho had an Anglo surname? Even if one assumes he was adopted by an Anglo family, that would have been totally progressive for the times during the show's run.

What was the episode on Hawaii 5-0 where Steve McGarrett is going into The Wick & Thong? I was stationed in Hawaii from 1971 -1972 and just happened to be downtown and saw them filming the scene.

Bit of trivia I’ve wondered about... the clip of Mcgarrett giving a speech in the movie jerry maguire (1997)... which episode is it from?

In McGarrett’s office there is a picture on the wall that is seen in a lot of shots but we cannot figure out what it is of. To me it appears to be a sea creature of some sort. It is in pencil or just black and white. Do you know what this is of?

I was a walk through in 4 scenes during this episode...had seen the scenes on TV throughout the years was hoping to get a copy of this when the DVD came a copy from Netflix only to discover that these segments had been cut out! Any idea of how much was edited out? Do unedited copies exist somewhere?

My mother was a minor bit actor in one or two episodes, and her name does not pop up on the main Five-O site's search feature. Is there another location that I can try in order to find the episode(s) that she was in?

I am doing some research on a very obscure actress, Mary O'Brien. She did some episodic TV before landing her most notable role, "Heather Webber", on ABC's soap General Hospital. She had a bit on Cannon in December of '75 and also did Hawaii Five-O. It was probably a very small role, as she was just starting out around this period. I cannot for the life of me find her credit on HFO. Her appearance would definitely be between, say, 1974 to 1977. I did go through your cast lists, but cast listings are not available for every episode. Do you have any other suggestions on how I might find the episode Mary O'Brien was in? imdb does not list it.

I have been over your pages numerous times looking for the name of the painting in Steves office. Something called “The great schooner race..”? (something like that, but I could be WAY off here.) I thought I saw it on your pages before. Is it still there? Did I miss it? Do you know the correct title of the painting hanging in his office?.

In the opening credits that featured Duke, what episode is that shot from (Duke with his binoculars)?

I watch Hawaii 50 on WFMZ, Channel 69 out of Allentown, PA. It airs every week day @ 3:00. Theye are currently showing Season 6. I found something odd about the episode named "Tricks Are Not Treats". I didn't see anything about it on your website so I don't know if it's something that Channel 69 might have done. The opening credits are from one of the first few seasons as Kono s shown. Has anyone else noticed this?

I recently found your website and am enjoying it tremendously. The answer to my question might be buried somewhere within the site and if so, please forgive me for not finding it. But, I thought I would shoot you a message and ask. What is the explanation for season 13?

First I want to say that I love your show. I watch very little TV but almost always watch Hawaii Five O!

I just got done watching the episode tonight. My son and I were in Honolulu staying in the apartment that you filmed part of the scenes in tonight. When we first arrived at the apartment when were asked to leave for awhile so the team could come in and check out the apartment. Then a couple days later the filming team came back to look over the apartment again. We were asked to leave again. The manager of the Apartment told us he was trying to get Hawaii Five O T-shirt’s for both of us for the inconvenience of having to leave both times. I was super excited since I love your show. But unfortunately we never received any shirts. Hoping you can help us out. If you question me of if we were staying there or our names and address John whom your team worked with has our information. I know this is a long shot but it would mean the world to us.

[The above was sent to me in January of 2019. The reboot was NOT "my" show, REALLY!!!]

It would be great if you could add a simple list on the front page: Your overall rankings of the seasons for the original series. We all know how much people like rankings, so I’d be curious to see if Season 3 comes in 1st!

[I don't think so, the main page is cluttered enough ... and there is a link there to the ratings of both old and new shows...]