Scenes from "CrimeWave" Video

  1. McGarrett says "Book 'em, Danno" (Season One)
  2. Danno behind tree with rifle (You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich...)
  3. McGarrett runs down Iolani Palace steps, seen from in front/below him
  4. Danno driving, talking on car radio
  5. McGarrett comes out of door with gun drawn, turns right (All the King's Horses)
  6. McGarrett walks far away behind venetian blinds
  7. McGarrett and Danno walk beside hedge, crouching
  8. Punchbowl statue from main credits
  9. Danno, Chin, Duke and cops arrest guy
  10. McGarrett leaps onto Benny Apa (Pray Love Remember)
  11. McGarrett and Danno in car, viewed from McGarrett's door side
  12. Beach scene, camera pans left
  13. Babe on beach in purple bikini (Pray Love Remember)
  14. McGarrett pulls punk on beach up by his hair (And They Painted Daisies)
  15. Closeup of guy with oversize sunglasses (Shatner, You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich...)
  16. Poolside babe (You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich...)
  17. McGarrett and cop capture guy in surf
  18. Shot of surfer
  19. Wo Fat and Sabrina Scharf
  20. Wo Fat and McGarrett in pilot, McGarrett in red wet suit
  21. Hand holding jewels which are from leather bag (A Shallow Grave)
  22. Danno busts Nehemiah Persoff (Dealer's Choice - Blackmail)
  23. McGarrett grabs guy's face from behind
  24. McGarrett runs on beach towards camera, shoots guy, money flies up from attaché case (The Devil and Mr. Frog)
  25. McGarrett turns guy and pushes him up against the door in his office (All the King's Horses)
  26. Wo Fat in jail cel
  27. Laraine Stephens
  28. Blonde robber from Who Says Cops Don't Cry
  29. McGarrett and Duggan fight in Cocoon tank
  30. McGarrett on floor shoots guy in pilot
  31. Zulu runs up gangplank (Pilot/main credits)
  32. Chin Ho does surveillance
  33. Wo Fat looks at something tiny (Pilot)
  34. McGarrett is trapped with net (Pilot)
  35. Danno, Duke, Chin shoot over cop car (Hookman?)
  36. McGarrett and Danno in motorboat (Full Fathom Five)
  37. Danno, McGarrett and Ben arrest guy (Don Knight from V for Vashon: Father)
  38. Robbers emerge from blue van (Who Says Cops Don't Cry)
  39. McGarrett and Danno in helicopter (Full Fathom Five)
  40. McGarrett shoots over corrugated aluminum
  41. McGarrett puts out fire (F.O.B. Honolulu)
  42. McGarrett writes on his blackboard (You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich...)
  43. Guy takes money from inside his jacket, puts it on table
  44. Prison yard scene with fight (The Case Against McGarrett)
  45. Babe on beach (R&R&R)
  46. Hookman climbs to top of ladder
  47. Kimo punches out Billy Swan (Lion in the Streets)
  48. McGarrett throws rifle to Danno (Hookman)
  49. Closeup of McGarrett (Pilot)
  50. Danno punches out guy (Beautiful Screamer?) -- 2 angles
  51. McGarrett in jeans jacket leaps on guy (Good Help is Hard to Find)
  52. Marni Howard shoots at McGarrett (A Gun for McGarrett)
  53. Nicole Fleming (Sabrina Scharf) kills Nicholson (F.O.B. Honolulu)
  54. McGarrett punches out Big Chicken
  55. McGarrett throws box, it explodes
  56. Cops bust guy tailing McGarrett (Pilot)
  57. McGarrett examines something tiny (Pilot?)
  58. McGarrett puts on his jacket and leaves office
  59. Cars race through roadblock (Voice of Terror)
  60. Car rolls over (Target -- A Cop and The Ninth Step)
  61. McGarrett shoots guy, he falls over bridge at temple (F.O.B. Honolulu)
  62. Guys on horseback (We Hang Our Own)
  63. Guys rappel down cliff (Man on Fire)
  64. Danno shoots up Iolani Palace stairway, guy falls down the stairs (Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born)
  65. McGarrett driving (Pilot)
  66. Scuba diver jumps into water (The Devil and Mr. Frog)
  67. Kimo jumps onto Asian guy from behind
  68. McGarrett running, weird camera angle
  69. McGarrett in helicopter
  70. Guy plunges over railing
  71. Ben with gun (You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich)
  72. Danno and McGarrett look up (Hookman shoots at them in jewellery store)
  73. McGarrett pursues guy through trellis (Clash of Shadows?)
  74. Kimo in car, tries to crush Guardino (Lion in the Streets)
  75. John Ritter
  76. Shatner punches out Fujiwara (You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich...)
  77. Closeup of flashing sign from main credits
  78. Andy Griffith and his wife (Family Crook)
  79. McGarrett busts into apartment, blonde woman on right, guy jumps out window on to roof of carport (Most Likely to Murder)
  80. McGarrett (?) crouches while entering door
  81. The Wave