Number One With A Bullet - Dailies 


I received a DVD containing dailies from the eleventh season show Number One With A Bullet. This is a very rare item, because I have never encountered any other dailies, outtakes or bloopers from the show.

This DVD was made from footage found on U-Matic tapes, part of Jack Lord's memorabilia which was auctioned on Ebay several years ago. The person who sent me the DVD described the tapes as follows: "Most of the tapes were 5-0 episodes that Jack Lord taped on his own U-Matic machine from television (or perhaps were provided directly by the studio) -- each containing one episode. Many of these tapes were labeled by the studio, or some studio service, as dailies at one time but were re-used by Mr. Lord and taped over. These are the oversized 3/4 inch tapes that are almost twice the size of a VHS tape. U-matic was the first attempt at making commercial video equipment for the consumer market. One tape apparently Jack Lord taped over with Super Bowl 16!"


The DVD consists of two parts. The first one is 8:51 long. The second one is 55:08, but after 46:10 the original tape was blank, so there is nothing to see and hear from that point.


Here is some background on one of the scenes in the show, which is covered by the first and much of the second part:


As lounge singer Sally (Melveen Leed) finishes a song, McGarrett (Jack Lord) is waiting at the bar to talk to her. She says, "Look who's here, Sally's favorite cop," as she hands McGarrett a rose. McGarrett tells her she should be singing in the big time, but she replies that he doesn't know much about music. Sally complains to McGarrett that he never orders anything when he comes to her bar. He says this is because he doesn't drink. Sally says that one of these days she is going to get him smashed and find out what is behind his "all business front." McGarrett says, "What makes you think it's a front?" Sally says she knows two things best: music and men. She tells him to come and see her some day after work. McGarrett suggests he might take her up on this, "one of these days ... or nights."


McGarrett then brings up the reason he came to the bar: he wants some information about the music and disco business in Hawaii. Specifically, he wants to know what she knows about Sonny Kanekoa. Sally says not much, but she thinks Sonny's sister Yvonne has the chance to be the first native Hawaiian to make it big on the mainland. Unfortunately, Yvonne has teamed up with a guy named Johnny Munroe, who "doesn't get along with people." McGarrett says, "She wouldn't be the first person who teamed up with the wrong guy, would she?"


At this point in the broadcast version of the show, the scene cuts to the "wave." But in the dailies on the DVD, the scene continues, with McGarrett asking Sally how she can drink so much booze and still function. He takes her drink from her as she protests and sniffs it, realizing that it is just ginger ale. He wonders how much they charge for watered-down drinks like this in the bar, and, laughing, threatens to bust her.

You can see the original sequence as broadcast here.

To view a specific section of the DVD, click on the time for that particular section below. There is a link in each section which leads to the next one.


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0:00 - Melveen Leed (playing Sally) sings My Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua, Hawaii. The music is pre-recorded and you can hear what sounds like tape slippage in the playback at least twice at the same places each time they play it.


3:26Melveen sings again, another angle


6:44Melveen sings again, another angle. This excerpt runs out, but actually segues into the first item of the next part.




0:00 - Little Grass Shack continues, Sally exits stage and starts talking with Jack Lord (playing McGarrett), but they are not seen.


1:23 - Sally sings Little Grass Shack again. This time when she finishes, she walks over to where McGarrett is standing and the two of them talk. He wants to ask her about the music business in Hawaii, specifically the disco business. Jack Lord refers to Johnny Kanekoa instead of Sonny Kanekoa. When he asks Sally how much does she charge for drinks, both of them start laughing.


8:01Melveen sings again to the point where Sally exits stage and says "Look who's here" to McGarrett, walking off screen.


11:28 – Focus on Jack Lord. Following Sally’s performance, Jack Lord whistles and claps in place of the audience. He refers correctly to Sonny Kanekoa. The acting in this take is more serious than before. McGarrett sips Sally's drink, which is ginger ale. He accuses her of cheating customers, saying "I ought to arrest you." She says "Book 'em," and the two of them and the crew laugh.


15:08 - Jack Lord is holding a rose which Sally gave him up to his face. He asks her, "Do I look faggy?" and smiles, but then he goes into his persona as McGarrett immediately. At the end of the scene he blows a line, but repeats it a couple of times, turning it into a question and getting a laugh out of Melveen and the crew.


15:51 - McGarrett stands at the bar while Sally is singing. He waves to her and later gives the shaka sign.


16:58 - McGarrett stands at the bar while Sally is singing, and looks around. He applauds at the end of the song.


17:24 – Another angle, taken from behind Jack Lord. As the song ends, Sally tells McGarrett "Look who's here.” Melveen gives the line “One of these days, I’m gonna get you so smashed…” but Melveen breaks up laughing as she looks Jack Lord in the face.


18:23 – The previous scene continues. McGarrett shakes the rose in time with the music. Jack Lord mixes up the line (not heard in the final print) referring to Sally’s drinking and having a hollow leg: "Every lady should have one" (previously he said "Every dame”). He also changes the line “One of these days, I might take you up on that invitation … or nights.”At the end, after he checks Sally’s drink, he says "You're under arrest," calling her a “crook,” and Melveen once again says "Book 'em," provoking laughter.


21:45 - Repeating scene, another angle. Melveen loses her place, and says "Oh, shit." They don't start over again but continue with the scene. At the end, McGarrett says "You're under arrest, Sally," to which she says, "Again?" Laughter.


25:34 - Yvonne Elliman sings In a Stranger’s Arms.


27:42 - Reaction shot from behind James Darren, Nehemiah Persoff and Brendan Burns as they listen to Yvonne singing. At the end, the band goes into another song briefly, then stops.


30:49 - Closeups of Yvonne singing In a Stranger’s Arms.


33:21 - In a Stranger’s Arms repeated, from another angle further away.


35:56 - Reaction shot of Darren, Persoff and Burns from the front as the song ends.


36:47 - Scene outside disco with no sound. Someone gets driven up to the disco in a pedal-driven rickshaw.


37:40 - Another angle of conversation between Sally and McGarrett, McGarrett: "What about the disco business?"; Sally: "You get a free question."


38:19 - Reaction shot of audience listening to Sally; two young guys sitting in the front get up and leave.


38:48 – Shot of Melveen’s exposed leg, presumably a reaction to the discussion about her character having a “hollow leg.”


39:09 - Yvonne approaches Melveen in the empty bar, asking her for advice.


40:10 - Yvonne approaches Melveen for advice, focus on Yvonne.


40:37 - Yvonne approaches Melveen for advice, focus on Melveen


41:11 - Yvonne approaches Melveen for advice with both of them in frame.


42:19 – Yvonne approaches Melveen for advice, focus on Yvonne.


43:08 – Yvonne approaches Melveen for advice, focus on Melveen


44:01 - McGarrett and Yvonne talk about when her boyfriend is returning home to Honolulu. Focus is in Yvonne.


45:28 - End of scene between McGarrett and Yvonne, repeated, same angle.


46:10 - Tape is blank to the end.