"Book Off, McGarrett!"

From Honolulu Magazine (November 1995)

By Chin Ho Kelly as told to Jeffrey Higa

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<Once he'd finished laughing himself silly upon reading the above, James MacArthur penned the following rebuttal, which was published in a subsequent issue of Honolulu Magazine.>

November 15, 1995

Re: Chin Ho Kelly’s griping through Jeffrey Higa

Dear Chin,

I can only say that you were extremely lucky to work for Steve McGarrett. McGarrett’s warmth and caring for his men was legendary! I also remember all the fun we had at the office ... Steve was such a stitch ... and as for booking, well, all I can say is you sure booked your way through the grub every day!! And by the way, when I promised never to tell anyone about you and Kono holding hands I really meant it! So much for that NOW, bigmouth!! Anyhow, I thought you were dead. Steve had the nicest funeral for you that you would ever want to see ... real flowers and all! He even cried at the funeral (so WHAT if it was on the seventh take). Well, I gotta go before I get more upset.

Mele Kelikimaka and Aloha in spite of it all ....

Detective Dan Williams
Falkland Islands

P.S. Steve caught Wo Fat!!!!