Hawaii Five-0 (2010) TV Guide Episode List

FIRST SEASON (2010-2011):

1 Pilot (Pilot)
The governor of Hawaii authorizes Navy SEAL intelligence officer Steve McGarrett to put together a special task force whose first job is to capture the man who killed McGarrett's father.

2 Ohana (Family)
Five-0's task is to rescue a former National Security Agency computer expert who has been kidnapped by Serbian mobsters.

3 Malama Ka Aina (Respect the Land)
When an escalating gang war spills into the stands of the local high school football game, injuring several bystanders and killing a gang leader, Five-0 uncovers an unlikely partnership between Samoan gangs and the mainland mob.

4 Lanakila (Victory)
Five-0 pursues a ruthless escaped convict who wants to take advantage of an opportunity to get his money back from his former crime partner.

5 Nalowale (Forgotten/Missing)
Governor Jameson gets Five-0 to lead the investigation after one daughter of the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines, who is visiting Hawaii with his family, is killed and another is missing.

6 Ko'olauloa (North[eastern] Shore of O'ahu)
Kono revisits her past when the CEO of a hugely successful surf company and her former surfing mentor is murdered and an old boyfriend becomes one of the major suspects.

7 Ho'apono (Accept)
McGarrett teams up with a World War II veteran when an ex-Navy SEAL suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who is unjustly suspected of murdering his wife takes prisoners hostage on the USS Missouri.

8 Mana'o (Belief)
When Danno's ex-HPD partner is found roasted in a luau, Five-0's investigation into the murder matches them against Internal Affairs, dirty cops and a powerful cocaine cartel.

9 Po'ipu (The Siege)
A member of the security detail for an upcoming international aid summit is killed before he can reveal the details of an assassination plot, and Five-0 is brought in to investigate the murder and protect the target, a ruthless dictator.

10 Hei Hei (The Race) a.k.a. Hao Kanaka (Iron Man)
After a highly skilled ring of thieves pulls off the heist of an armored car, killing two security guards but leaving the money behind, Five-0's only lead in the case requires Danno to reluctantly ask his ex-wife for a favor.

11 Palekaiko (Paradise)
After a man is murdered on his honeymoon and his wife is abducted, the investigation reveals the crimes may be linked to a series of unsolved homicides that occurred a year earlier, in which recently married couples were targeted by a serial killer.

12 Hana 'a'a Makehewa (Desperate Measures)
McGarrett resorts to desperate measures to steal money demanded by Victor Hesse, who murdered his father, after Chin Ho is abducted and an explosive device is strapped around his neck.

13 Ke Kinohi (The Beginning)
After McGarrett's sister is kidnapped and thieves break into Steve's house and steal the evidence surrounding his mother's murder in 1992, the investigation reveals a possible connection between her death and the Japanese mafia, known as the Yakuza.

14 He Kane Hewa' Ole (An Innocent Man)
A high-speed police chase ends with the pursued driver dead and a gruesome discovery of human remains in the suspect's car.

15 Kai e' e (Tidal Wave)
The head of the Tsunami Warning Center mysteriously disappears just as a major tsunami threatens to strike Hawaii and thousands of people are evacuated from the islands.

016 E Malama (To Protect)
The lone witness in a high-profile murder case disappears into the jungle when hired assassins attempt to kill her at an FBI safe house.

17 Powa Maka Moana (Pirates)
Wealthy college students on spring break are kidnapped and held for ransom by pirates who commandeer the luxury catamaran the group is sailing on.

18 Loa Aloha (The Long Goodbye)
Danny gets an unexpected visit from his younger brother, Matt, but Danny soon learns that Matt is the target of an FBI investigation.

19 Ne Me'e Laua Na Paio (Heroes and Villains)
The investigation of a sci-fi fan dressed like a superhero falling from a high-rise hotel window uncovers new evidence in a cold-case homicide that may be linked to the current victim.

20 Ma Ke Kahakai (Shore)
A dead man found in the local mountains by Steve and Danny while hiking is revealed to be a local fisherman who was shot and dumped there.

21 Ho'opa'i (Revenge)
The wife of an undercover NYPD detective is murdered and he seeks revenge against the crime lord he believes targeted his family.

22 Ho'ohuli Na'au (Close to Heart)
A famous fashion photographer who is in Hawaii to shoot a sports magazine's annual swimsuit edition is murdered when his trailer is torched with him inside.

23 Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (Until the End is Near)
Five-0 confronts a bioterrorism threat after Danny is exposed to a lethal chemical agent.

24 Oia'i'o (Trust)
The first season concludes with McGarrett being framed for the murder of the governor's assistant in a car-bomb explosion, but the evidence suggests that criminal mastermind Wo Fat is responsible and is trying to destroy Five-0.

SECOND SEASON (2011-2012):

1 Ha'i'ole (Unbreakable)
McGarrett is in prison awaiting trial for the governor's murder and Kono is suspended from the force, pending an internal investigation for allegedly stealing department money.

2 Ua Lawe Wale (Taken)
Five-0 is assigned a new officer (Lauren German) by the governor's office to keep an eye on McGarrett while the team investigates the kidnapping of a teen paddleboard champion; Kono continues to be interrogated by Internal Affairs.

3 Kame'e (The Hero)
McGarrett investigates a Navy SEAL's murder and Chin Ho worries when Kono starts hanging out with some dirty cops.

4 Mea Makamae (Treasure)
A deep-sea diver known for his valuable shipwreck discoveries is murdered.

5 Ma'ema'e (Clean)
Five-0 investigates the murder of a women's volleyball coach and the probe leads the team to discover more bad news about Kono and her ongoing legal problems.

6 Ka Hakaka Maikai (The Good Fight)
A wealthy restaurant owner is murdered and the investigation leads McGarrett to take part in a charity mixed-martial-arts fight.

7 Kaw Iwi Kapu (Sacred Bones)
After a young couple filming a documentary in a traditional Hawaiian burial site on Hallowe'en night are murdered and buried on the grounds, Five-0's investigation turns up a fingerprint on one of the victims, but the print belongs to a dead person.

8 Lapa'au (Healing)
Five-0 investigates a suspicious plane crash and the death of a customs agent who was on board but the case takes a twist when the probe reveals the victim was dead before the plane took flight.

9 Ike Maka (Identity)
An unidentified body is found in the trunk of a stolen car following a high-speed chase.

10 Ki'ilua (Deceiver)
After McGarrett goes to North Korea with Jenna Kaye to deliver a ransom to rebels who are holding her fiancé hostage, Five-0 investigates the murder of an investigative reporter with ties to Jenna.

11 Pahele (Trapped)
Schoolchildren riding on a bus are kidnapped by nasty drug dealers.

12 Alaheo Pau'ole (Gone Forever)
Teens discover a body of a man in an abandoned World War II bunker who turns out to be alive.

13 Ka Ho'oponopono (The Fix)
When a teen girl is murdered by a professional hit man, McGarrett and his team must first determine why she was a target before they can locate her killer.

14 Pu'olo (The Package)
As Five-0 investigates a smuggling case, Chin Ho tells Steve shocking news about Joe White that results in a face-off between the two friends while Danny plays midwife for his ex-wife when she goes into early labor

15 Mai Ka Wa Kahiko (Out of the Past)
A dirty cop from Danny's past comes to Hawaii to seek revenge against Danno and his family for allegedly ruining the officer's life.

16 I Helu Pu (The Reckoning)
Five-0 nearly causes an international incident while on a case, and Governor Denning makes one team member pay for it with their job.

17 Kupale (Defender)
A man dressed as a Hawaiian Na Koa warrior is found murdered in a jungle near the site where a war reenactment took place.

18 Lekio (Radio)
A talk-radio DJ is murdered, and the investigation brings Five-0 in contact with a retired NYPD bomb expert, now a private investigator on Oahu. who has ties to the victim.

19 Kalele (Faith))
McGarrett's sister is arrested for allegedly smuggling $20 million in conflict diamonds and to clear her name, Steve enlists the help of a former diamond smuggler to set up a sting operation.

20 Ha'alele (Abandoned)
Medical examiner Max Bergman believes that a serial killer who has ties to his past and is known as the Trashman is responsible for a recent murder.

21 Pa Make Loa (Touch of Death)
A crossover episode that concludes on NCIS: Los Angeles begins with Danny and Chin Ho partnering with NCIS agents Sam and Callen to track down a suspect who is threatening to release a deadly virus into the population.

22 Ua Hopu (Caught)
McGarrett captures his nemesis, Wo Fat, in a special-ops raid but then discovers that the Japanese Yakuza wants to kill them both.

23 Ua Hala (Death in the Family)
Five-0 loses one of its own in the line of duty while another team member is forced to choose between kidnapped loved ones.

THIRD SEASON (2012-2013):

1 La O Na Makuahine (Mother's Day)
McGarrett has to face the fact that his thought-to-be-deceased mother is alive while Five-0 hunts for Wo Fat to avenge the death of a team family member.

2 Kanalua (Doubt)
Five-0 investigates a deadly art heist while McGarrett searches for his mother and asks his girl friend Catherine to assist him.

3 Lana I Ka Moana (Adrift)
A relaxing day at sea turns deadly for McGarrett and Danny when their boat is hijacked and they are left stranded in the ocean.

4 Popilikia (Misfortune)
The death of a polo player who literally loses his head is investigated.

5 Mohai (Offering)
A grisly murder leads Five-0 to discover a ritualistic killing on Halloween, and the evidence suggests that the murderer will soon strike again.

6 I Ka Wa Mamua (In a Time Past)
While Danny is forced to remain perfectly still while explosives experts disarm a bomb that he accidentally activated, McGarrett distracts him by getting him to tell about the toughest case he ever worked back in New Jersey to keep him calm.

7 Ohuna (The Secret)
Five-0 investigates the murder of a computer hacker and McGarrett tries to stage a reunion between his mom and his sister.

8 Wahine'Inoloa (Evil Woman)
McGarrett investigates a seductive therapist he believes killed her patient, while Catherine searches for one of his mother's former targets who is now seeking revenge.

9 Ha'awe Make Loa (Death Wish)
After a botched bank robbery, the investigation reveals that the thieves had unexpected motives for attempting the heist.

10 Huaka'i Kula (Field Trip)
A camping trip turns deadly when an armed man takes McGarrett and a girl hostage.

11 Kahu (Guardian)
McGarrett and Catherine try to help a boy whose father disappeared and may have gotten into some deadly trouble in the backwoods of Oahu.

12 Kapu (Forbidden)
A college professor's murder is investigated, and the chief suspects include the victim's boss, a teaching assistant and a student who was caught cheating by the teacher.

13 Olelo Ho'opa'i Make (Death Sentence)
After Chin is kidnapped in the middle of the night and placed in a prison dressed as an inmate, he must escape before the other prisoners recognize him as a member of Five-0.

14 Hana I Wa 'Ia (Scandal)
The team investigate the murder of a prostitute who was found in the bed of a missing congressman.

15 Hookman
A mysterious man targets select police officers and it's learned that McGarrett is next on his hit list.

16 Kekoa (Warrior)
Five-0 investigates the murder of a traditional Hawaiian fighting master.

17 Pa'ani (The Game)
A star football player helps Five-0 investigate the murder of a tech executive during Pro Bowl weekend.

18 Na Ki'i (Dolls)
Catherine works undercover at a local roller derby to find a killer after a victim falls onto Dog the Bounty Hunter's SUV.

19 Hoa Pili (Close Friend)
Five-0 investigates when a tour company that is endangering the local shark population receives deadly threats.

20 Olelo Pa'a (The Promise)
While journeying to North Korea with Catherine to retrieve a fallen friend's body, McGarrett recalls his last perilous mission in the country.

21 Imi Loko Ka 'Uhane (Seek Within One's Soul)
A talk-show host and her crew follow Five-0 for a day during an investigation, but the situation becomes dangerous when McGarrett's team has an encounter with Wo Fat.

22 Ho'opio (To Take Captive)
After the body of a girl who was kidnapped 10 years ago is found, Five-0 searches for the culprits, who have now taken their next victim. .

23 He welo 'oihana (Family Business)
McGarrett helps his mother execute a covert operation to retrieve an incriminating microfiche.

24 Aloha, Malama Pono (Farewell and Take Care)
Five-0 helps the CIA search for a killer of several CIA operatives on the island as the third season ends.

FOURTH SEASON (2013-2014):

1 Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi (We Need Each Other)
After Steve and Wo Fat escape from the attack on the maximum security unit, Catherine is taken hostage when Five-0 headquarters is seized and Five-0 goes behind the new SWAT Commander’s back to rescue her.

2 A'ale Ma'a Wau (Fish Out of Water)
Five-0 assists a Texas Ranger in finding his missing daughter when they cross paths with him during a murder investigation.

3 Ka 'oia'i'o ma loko (The Truth Within)
To solve a double murder, Five-0 gets some help from a conspiracy theorist.

4 A ia la aku (From This Day Forward)
A runaway bride is the main suspect when a wedding crasher is murdered.

5 Kupu'eu (Fallen Hero)
Catherine's surveillance job turns deadly.

6 Kupouli 'la (Broken)
Halloween and a shooting have Hawaii Five-0 looking for a man carrying out experiments and turning humans into zombie-like creatures.

7 Ua Nalohia (In Deep)
Five-0 is tasked with babysitting Mary's newly adopted baby, even as they investigate the murder of an undercover ATF agent.

8 Akanahe (Reluctant Partners)
With national security in mind and at the behest of the Governor, McGarrett and Captain Grover set out to serve a warrant on a young computer hacker.

9 Ha'uoli La Ho'omoaika'i (Happy Thanksgiving)
With the President on the way to Oahu, Five-0 is tasked with the murder investigation of a secret service agent while Steve's Aunt Deb comes for a visit along with an eye opening secret.

10 Ho'onani Makuakane (Honor Thy Father)
When someone tries to kill a Pearl Harbor veteran, Five-0 links evidence to a crime committed within the internment camps on Oahu during World War II.

11 Pukana (Keepsake)
A serial killer at the heart of Five-0's investigation puts Chin's life in danger.

12 'O kela me keia manawa (Now and Then)
Captain Grover is aided by McGarrett in his search for a friend who has disappeared, after it seems like he's committed murder.

13 Hana Lokomaika'i (The Favor)
The murder of Chin’s father, 15 years ago becomes the focus of Internal Affairs and there are questions regarding Malia’s relationship with Chin and its impact on the prior investigation.

14 Na Hala a ka makua (Sins of the Father)
An escaped convict out to prove his innocence kidnaps Steve and Danny.

15 Pale 'la (Buried Secrets)
The team investigate when the body of a real estate agent is found buried at one of his listings.

16 Hōkū Welowelo (Fire in the Sky)
Five-0 investigates three murders that appear related to a downed top-secret Chinese satellite.

17 Ha lalo o ka ili (Beneath the Surface)
Five-0 investigate the abduction of a girl from her home which also resulted in her father being shot.

18 Ho'i Hou (Reunited)
The daughter of a macadamia nut tycoon is murdered during Chin's high-school reunion.

19 Ku I Ka Pili Koko (Blood Brothers)
After following up on a tip, Steve and Danny are trapped inside an abandoned building that is rigged to explode.

20 Pe'epe'e Kānaka (Those Among Us)
As Five-0 investigate the death of a pool cleaner, they uncover a group of radicalized students who may be plotting a terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

21 Makani ʻOlu a Holo Mālie (Fair Winds and Following Seas)
Steve and Catherine journey to Afghanistan to help a young boy whose family is responsible for saving Catherine's life many years ago.

22 O ka Pili 'Ohana ka 'Oi (Family Comes First)
Captain Grover must steal $100 million dollars in order to get back his kidnapped daughter.

FIFTH SEASON (2014-2015):

1 A'Ohe Kahi e Pe'e Ai (Nowhere to Hide)
The island of O'ahu is put on lockdown when Five-0 hunts a terrorist who is using weaponized drones on civilians.

2 Ka Makuakane (Family Man)
The young daughter of a Navy SEAL, who is currently on a top-secret mission, is kidnapped; Danny's brother is taken captive, and Danny must locate $18.5 million in order to free him.

3 Kanalu Hope Loa (The Last Break)
Three young women rob a tour bus, but things go horribly wrong when a man is killed and the women unknowingly steal something of great value that puts their lives in danger.

4 Ka No'eau (The Painter)
A Detroit hit man is murdered by one of his colleagues on the streets of Oahu, and Steve is shocked when he learns the killer's surprising motive.

5 Ho'oilina (Legacy)
On the fourth anniversary of his father's death, McGarrett meets a woman who helps him reopen the last unsolved case his dad worked on before he died.

6 Ho'Oma'ike (Unmasked)
Five-0 search for a serial killer who is copying murders depicted in a cult slasher film.

7 Ina Paha (If Perhaps)
McGarrett is kidnapped by Wo Fat and witnesses what would have happened to the Five-0 team if they had taken a very different path.

8 Ka Hana Malu (Inside Job)
The team investigates when two sons are the prime suspects in their parents' murder. Aunt Deb shocks McGarrett when she returns for a visit with a new fiancé.

9 Ke Koho Mamao Aku (Longshot)
Five-0 travels to the Big Island to investigate when a cowboy is poisoned.

10 Wawahi Moe'uhane (Broken Dreams)
An old-school private detective helps Five-0 investigate the murder of a young woman who was secretly working as an escort.

11 Ua'aihue (Stolen)
When a tourist is shot after transporting a stolen painting, Kono and Chin infiltrate the world of black market art, where they are taken hostage.

12 Poina'ole (Not Forgotten)
After a neurosurgeon is assassinated just before performing a surgery, the investigation uncovers the truth behind the disappearance of four reform school boys over 40 years ago.

13 Lā Pō‘ino (Doomsday)
A patient infected with a contagious and lethal strain of bird flu is kidnapped and the culprits intend to weaponize the virus.

14 Powehiwehi (Blackout)
Kono fights for her life when she discovers the identity of a notorious criminal who has never been seen.

15 E 'Imi pono (Searching for the Truth)
A journalist is killed and Five-0 uses his reporting to track down a presumed dead Congolese warlord who is alive and living on Oahu.

16 Nanahu (Embers)
Five-0 works with a California ATF agent to locate a serial arsonist targeting couples on Oahu.

17 Kuka'awale (Stakeout)
Steve and Danny work on their relationship when they stake out the apartment of a woman who fled from a diamond robbery.

18 Pono Kaulike (Justice for All)
When Danny and Chin are arrested for deadly past transgressions, McGarrett enlists Joe's help in the investigation.

19 Kahania (Close Shave)
McGarrett and Odell come under siege in Odell's barbershop when they try to protect a man who is being hunted by a gang.

20 Ike Hanau (Instinct)
Grover's oldest and closest friend tells him that he witnessed his wife fall off a cliff to her death, but Grover suspects it was no accident.

21 Ua Helele'i ka Hoku (Fallen Star)
When an Elvis impersonator is killed and his body stolen, Five-0 is on the case after it's discovered the culprits are after the hidden diamonds sewn into the victim’s costume.

22 Ho'Amoano (Chasing Yesterday)
Five-0 helps sober up three married men and sort out the events of their wild night to find who killed the woman found in their hotel suite.

23 Mo'o 'Olelo Pu (Sharing Traditions)
Kono fights for her life when she encounters rough weather while on a solo catamaran trip around the Hawaiian islands.

24 Luapo'i (Prey)
Five-0 investigates the murder of a bounty hunter who was killed after he apprehended a fugitive.

25 A Make Kaua (Until We Die)
On the eve of Adam and Kono's wedding, a stolen nuclear bomb is somewhere on the island and is about to be detonated.

SIXTH SEASON (2015-2016):

1 Mai ho`oni i ka wai lana malie (Do Not Disturb the Water That Is Tranquil)
Five-0 investigates a centuries-old Oahu palace raid involving pirates, buried treasure and a killer who is using a stolen painting as a map.

2 Lehu a Lehu (Ashes to Ashes)
A bomb squad is attacked and the culprit threatens to detonate additional explosive unless arsonist Jason Duclair is released from prison.

3 Ua 'O'Oloku Ke Anu I Na Mauna (The Chilling Storm Is on the Mountains)
Five-0 investigates the death of a scuba diver who was killed with a gun found on the ocean floor that was used recently in another murder.

4 Ka Papahana Holo Pono (Best Laid Plans)
Five-0 investigates the death of a wealthy recluse who is found dead in a remote field with nearly one million dollars in counterfeit bills.

5 Ka 'Alapahi Nui (Big Lie)
Five-0 interrogates members of a stunt biker gang to locate a killer who escaped by jumping his motorcycle from one rooftop to another.

6 Na Pilikua Nui (Monsters)
On Halloween, Five-0 needs to track down a serial killer inspired by Frankenstein.

7 Na Kama Hele (Day Trippers)
Steve's first date with Lynn goes awry when the deserted island he chose for their date turns out to be the same island a mob boss is hiding on.

8 Piko Pau 'Iole (The Artful Dodger)
Five-0 works with a charming con man to find a killer after his female partner is murdered on the job.

9 Hana Keaka (Charade)
Five-0 goes back to school when a college professor is killed and Danny goes undercover as his replacement.

10 Ka Makau Kaa Kaua (The Sweet Science)
The brother of a promising local boxer is murdered and the chief suspect is the outspoken reigning champion opponent from the mainland.

11 Kuleana (One's Personal Sense of Responsibility)
McGarrett and Danny attend a couples retreat in Maui to work on their partnership issues; meanwhile, Kamakona's dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

12 Ua Ola Loko I Ke Aloha (Love Gives Life Within)
McGarrett's Aunt Deb visits Oahu on a very personal mission; Five-0 investigates when some unstable Japanese World War II bombs left behind on the island are stolen.

13 Umia Ka Hanu (Hold the Breath)
Grover travels to Chicago to finally get a confession from his old friend Clay Maxwell about why he killed his own wife.

14 Hoa 'Inea (Misery Loves Company)
As Five-0 investigates a double homicide involving marital infidelity, McGarrett and his team recall their disastrous Valentine's Day experiences.

15 Ke Koa Lokomaika'i (The Good Soldier)
McGarrett partners with a young man with autism who may have information that could solve the murder of the man's only friend.

16 Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa'a (The Solid Cornerstone)
Sang Min, Five-0's sketchy longtime confidential informant, is accused of murder, so McGarrett asks his old friend Odell Martin to defend him.

17 Waiwai (Assets)
Five-0 hunts a Russian spy who stole a flash drive containing classified NSA information that puts one of their own at risk.

18 Kanaka Hahai (The Hunter)
Five-0 uncovers a deadly slave trade operating aboard an illegal fishing vessel after a man is found left for dead drifting off the coast of Oahu.

19 Malama Ka Po'e (Care for One's People)
A mob boss from a case Grover worked 15 years ago seeks revenge and forces Grover to take his family on the run.

20 Ka Haunaele (Rampage)
Five-0 investigates the theft of a high-tech, indestructible suit created for the U.S. military; Jerry tries to help his sister save a captive elephant.

21 Ka Pono Ku'oko'a (The Cost of Freedom)
Five-0 goes on a manhunt when a chemical spill permits six dangerous inmates to escape, including Kono's husband, Adam.

22 I'ike Ke Ao (For the World to Know)
Five-0 tries to save a kidnapped college student from a dangerous vigilante; Max, Kamekona and Flippa fight to survive after being shipwrecked.

23 Pilina Koko (Blood Ties)
A woman is murdered in her home and Five-0 learns that one of their own has a deep connection to the victim's young daughter.

24 Pa'a Ka 'Ipuka I Ka 'Upena Nananana (The Entrance Is Stopped With a Spider's Web)
Five-0 gets trapped inside a building where they try to protect a wounded Gabriel, but gunmen looking to kill him storm the building.

25 O Ke Ali'I Wale No Ka'u Makemake (My Desire Is Only for the Chief)
McGarrett and Danny work undercover as drug pilots; when McGarrett is seriously wounded, Danny has to land the plane in order to save his partner's life.

SEVENTH SEASON (2016-2017):

1 Makaukau 'oe e Pa'ani? (Ready to Play?)
The body of a serial killer is found in Five-0 headquarters with an ivory chess piece in his mouth. When a second serial killer is found dead with another chess piece, Five-0 hunts for the vigilante as fear spreads that it's not safe to travel to Hawaii.

2 No Ke Ali'i Wahine A Me Ka 'Aina (For Queen and Country)
Five-0 works with rogue MI-6 agent Harry Langford to find a terrorist planning to cause nuclear reactors across Europe to melt down. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danny ask retired FBI profiler Alicia Brown to help them find a serial killer vigilante.

3 He Moho Hou (New Player)
FBI profiler Alicia Brown is forced to join McGarrett in the hunt for the chess-piece killer when she finds a body in her bed. Meanwhile, Kono reconnects with a former surfing competitor who is now a disabled and homeless war veteran.

4 Hu a'e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile (The Fire of Kamile Rises in Triumph)
McGarrett and Alicia are kidnapped by the serial killer who has been terrorizing the island after they discover his identity.

5 Ke Ku 'Ana (The Stand)
When a cache of guns is stolen from a gun range, Five-0 discovers the culprit is intent on making a dramatic statement on gun violence.

6 Ka Hale Ho'Okauweli (House of Horrors)
The murder of a medium, who was apparently scared to death by a poltergeist on Halloween, is investigated. Meanwhile, Kono and Adam are kidnapped by what appears to be a death cult.

7 Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane (Mother and Son)
Five-0 fights to free McGarrett's mother when Catherine informs them she was captured and is about to be executed for attempting to free Wo Fat's imprisoned father.

8 Hana Komo Pae (Right of Passage)
Danny chaperones Grace's winter formal but terrorists seize the venue and hold everyone hostage in order to kidnap a diplomat's son.

9 'Elua la ma Nowemapa (Two Days in November)
Five-0 investigates and delves into one of history's most fascinating unsolved mysteries after a conspiracy theorist with compelling evidence that JFK's cabinet ordered his assassination is murdered.

10 Ka Luhi (The Burden)
Five-0 investigates the 10-year-old cold case of a missing teen when a boy suffering from PTSD undergoes hypnosis and realizes he may have witnessed her murder.

11 Ka'ili Aku (Snatchback)
Five-0 races to Mexico where Chin puts his life on the line to rescue his niece Sara from kidnappers.

12 Ka 'aelike (The Deal)
Chin is kidnapped by a cartel in Mexico and Five-0 races to rescue him before he is executed by his vengeful abductors.

13 Ho'i mau na 'opua i Awalua (The Clouds Always Return to Awalua)
As Max prepares to say goodbye to his Five-0 family, they must investigate a murder during a police convention on the island.

14 Ka laina ma ke one (Line in the Sand)
Five-0 must negotiate between the law and local customs when a man wanted for murder escapes capture and seeks asylum in sovereign land belonging to the Nation of Hawaii.

15 Ka pa'ani nui (Big Game)
Five-0 investigates a murder involving the illegal practice of shark finning and, during the probe, uncovers the possibility that a former Nazi war criminal may be hiding out in an old leper colony in Hawaii.

16 Poniu I Ke Aloha (Crazy in Love)
McGarrett and Danny celebrate Valentine's Day with their girlfriends, while the rest of Five-0 investigates the murder of a man taking a class on how to land women.

17 Hahai i na pilikua nui (Hunting Monsters)
McGarrett and Five-0 once again become entangled in the twisted mind games of serial killer Dr. Madison Gray when she stumbles into HPD covered in blood that matches Alicia Brown's and claims she has amnesia.

18 E malama pono (Handle With Care)
McGarrett and Danny track down missing uranium which has been built into a bomb located in the middle of the jungle.

19 Puka 'Ana (Exodus)
McGarrett and Kono suspect that an abused girl may be the victim of a sex trafficking ring on the island.

20 Huikau na makau a ka lawai'a (The Fishhooks of the Fishers Become Entangled)
Five-0 helps a close friend work the case of a kidnapped wealthy woman whose husband may have something to hide.

21 Ua malo'o ka wai (The Water Is Dried Up)
McGarrett and Five-0 are captured and face certain death after tracking a dangerous nemesis to the Island of Lanai. Meanwhile, Grover takes his son to Chicago where he testifies against a dirty cop from his past.

22 Waimaka 'ele'ele (Black Tears)
McGarrett investigates the murder of one of the last survivors of the USS Arizona and learns about his grandfather's important role at Pearl Harbor.

23 Wehe 'ana (Prelude)
Danny protects a coma patient showing signs of waking who was the key witness from his last HPD case before he met Steve and joined Five-0.

24 He ke'u na ka 'alae a Hina (A Croaking By Hina's Mudhen)
After McGarrett gets a tip that someone is plotting a terrorist attack on Oahu, Five-0 investigates and searches for those behind it before it's too late.

25 Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono (The Life of the Land Is Perpetuated in Righteousness)
McGarrett risks his life when Five-0 attempts to rescue young girls trapped in a sex-trafficking ring and Kono, deeply affected by the case, makes a life-changing decision.

EIGHTH SEASON (2017-2018):

1 A'ole e 'olelo mai ana ke ahi ua ana ia (Fire Will Never Say That It Has Had Enough)
McGarrett and Danny recruit Tani Rey to join the task force when diabolical hacker Aaron Wright releases a dangerous arsonist from prison.

2 Na La 'Ilio (Dog Days)
McGarrett and Five-0 work with an injured police dog that is the only witness to an ambushed drug bust. Meanwhile, McGarrett is visited by Junior Reigns, a former Navy SEAL, who is looking to join the task force.

3 Kau pahi, ko'u kua. Kau pu, ko'u po'o. (Your Knife, My Back. My Gun, Your Head.)
Five-0 enlists the help of an old friend when the boss of a major crime family is murdered, triggering revenge killings across the island.

4 E Uhi Wale No 'A'Ole E Nalo, He Imu Puhi (No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, the Smoke Will Rise)
The lives of Five-0's informants are put in danger when the HPD system is hacked and one ends up dead, forcing McGarrett to enlist the help of hacker Aaron Wright, who he just imprisoned.

5 Kama'oma'o, ka 'aina huli hana (At Kama'oma'o, The Land of Activities)
Five-0 investigates a string of murders on Halloween that mirror stories from well-known Hawaiian folklore. Grover is called to visit a man hours away from execution who may hold the key to a case that has plagued Grover for years.

6 Mohala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua (Unfolded by the Water are the Faces of the Flowers)
The murder of two tourists leads Five-0 to a man suffering from multiple personality disorder, where one of them becomes violent and another is a child. McGarrett is accompanied on the case by a stress management consultant, whom Danny and the others have hired to help him manage his health.

7 Kau ka 'onohi ali'i i luna (The Royal Eyes Rest Above)
Junior and Adam back up McGarrett when a bank heist in progress forces Steve to make a potentially heartbreaking mistake.

8 He kaha lu'u ke ala, mai ho'okolo aku (The Trail Leads to a Diving Place; Do Not Follow After)
McGarrett poses as a pilot to investigate the cause of a plane crash that led to the death of a pilot in an air race.

9 Make me kai (Death at Sea)
When investigating a deserted yacht adrift at sea, McGarrett, Danny, Tani and Junior are exposed to a deadly bioweapon and the rest of Five-0 have only eight hours to find an antidote.

10 I ka wa ma mua, I ka wa ma hope. (The Future Is in the Past)
When Danny is shot while quarantined in the hospital with McGarrett, Tani and Junior, he's left unconscious and clinging to life, imagining a future for everyone in Five-0.

11 'Oni kalalea ke ku a ka la'au loa (A Tall Tree Stands Above the Others)
It's Christmas Eve and Danny tells Charlie a bedtime story about a recent Five-0 case involving bad Santas and a holiday miracle.

12 Ka hopu nui 'ana (The Round Up)
When an FBI agent who was cracking down on organized crime is killed, McGarrett rounds up every gang-related criminal on the island to find the culprit. McGarrett tasks Adam with forming a new division within Five-0 to take on organized crime.

13 O Ka Mea Ua Hala, Ua Hala Ia (What is Gone is Gone)
When a man accused of killing his wife threatens to kill himself, Grover reveals how he was once on the brink of suicide himself.

14 Na Keiki A Kalaihoahia (The Children of Kalaihoahia)
The corpse of a diamond smuggler is stolen from a graveyard; Five-0 tracks down his partner, who is determined to retrieve their latest batch of contraband; Adam recruits a new, confidential informant; Tani gets a devastating call.

15 He Puko' A Kani 'Aina (A Coral Reef Strengthens Out Into Land)
McGarrett and Danny investigate the murder of a private detective whose client was killed the same way; Adam sends Jessie into a dangerous situation with disastrous consequences; Danny's uncle comes to town to help with the restaurant.

16 O Na Hoku O Ka Lani Ka I 'Ike Ia Pae (Only the Stars of Heaven Know Where Pae Is)
Tani and Junior go under cover as prospective parents to infiltrate a private school where the headmaster was murdered; Adam's life is on the line when he is held captive and forced to produce a massive amount of money.

17 Holapu Ke Ahi, Koe Iho Ka Lehu (The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left)
Adam's mission to take down organized crime goes sideways when the bait he uses falls into the wrong hands; Adam begins to doubt Jessie's allegiance.

18 E Ho'oko Kuleana (To Do One’s Duty)
The ex-wife of the man who shot Danny reveals how Danny helped save her life; Tani and Junior are assigned to walk the beat as uniformed officers for the day; Adam is framed for the murder of the crime boss he has been tracking.

19 Aohe Mea Make I Ka Hewa; Make No I Ka Mihi Ole (No One Has Ever Died for the Mistakes he Has Made; Only Because he Didn’t)
A hit man McGarrett's father failed to arrest comes to McGarrett to finally confess his crimes and admit where he buried his victims; Jessie makes a dangerous decision that could ruin Adam's life.

20 He Lokomaika'I Ka Manu O Kaiona (Kind is the Bird of Kaiona)
Catherine Rollins recruits McGarrett and Jerry to help track down uranium thought to be hidden on an abandoned Hawaiian island before a terrorist makes dirty bombs with it; Junior gets trapped in a ravine.

21 Ahuwale Ka Nane Huna (The Answer to the Riddle is Seen)
Harry Langford enlists McGarrett and Danny's help to track down a teenage British royal who has run away while under his protection; Grover, Tani and Junior work a 25-year-old murder case after a mysterious videotape arrives at headquarters.

22 Kopi Wale No I Ka I'A A 'Eu No Ka Ilo (Though the Fish is Well Salted, The Maggots Crawl)
Duke is forced to steal crucial evidence from the police locker in exchange for his kidnapped granddaughter; Jerry goes under cover at a mental health facility to solve a murder.

23 Ka Hana A Ka Makua, O Ka Hana No Ia A Keiki (What Parents Will Do, Children Will Do)
Danny protects a coma patient showing signs of waking who was the key witness from his last HPD case before he met Steve and joined Five-0.

24 Ka Lala Kaukonakona Haki 'Ole I Ka Pa A Ka Makani Kona (The Tough Branch That Does Not Break in the Kona Glae Season 8 | Episode 24
McGarrett joins Junior and his SEAL team on a mission to capture an elusive person who is holding his mentor hostage; Gerard Hirsch and Kamekona help Grover and Tani on a murder case involving art stolen by Nazis during World War II.

25 Waiho Wale Kahiko (Ancients Exposed)
The team discovers a Russian spy ring hiding on Oahu when a Russian submarine appears off the coast.

NINTH SEASON (2018-2019):

1 Ka 'owili'oka'i (Cocoon)
After Steve's CIA agent friend is killed, McGarrett lets himself be captured by the group he thinks is responsible and endures a torturous sensory deprivation tank to find the killer.

2 Ke kanaka i ha'ule mai ka lewa mai (The Man Who Fell From the Sky)
A vacationing dad on a flight to Honolulu is kidnapped and forced to parachute mid-flight. Danny, Tani and Junior track him through the jungle to discover that he may not be who he seems. Also, McGarrett is threatened with a secret from his past.

3 Mimiki ke kai, ahuwale ka papa leho (When the Sea Draws Out the Tidal Wave, the Rocks Where the Cowries Hide are Exposed)
Crime spikes when a heat wave hits Oahu, causing McGarrett and Danny to hunt down a bank thief, and Tani and Junior's car is stolen while they're on duty. Also, Grover plays the golf game of a lifetime, and Kamekona incites a riot by price-gouging on his shave ice.

4 A'ohe kio pohaku nalo i ke alo pali (On the Slope of the Cliff, Not One Jutting Rock is Hidden From Sight)
Jerry accompanies Junior as he escorts a fallen soldier home to Oahu. Also, McGarrett and Danny discover a dead body when they delve into the illegal and highly profitable black market for sand.

5 A'ohe mea 'imi a ka maka (Nothing More for the Eyes to Search For)
On Halloween, Jerry and his friends search his childhood camp for evidence to a murder he witnessed as a boy, while McGarrett investigates a little girl who drew pictures depicting the scene of a recent murder before it was discovered.

6 Aia i Hi'ikua; i Hi'ialo (Is Borne on the Back; Is Borne in the Arms)
McGarrett crosses the line and is arrested while investigating the death of his former SEAL buddy, who died on an aircraft carrier, and the only survivor is a baby. Also, Adam returns to Oahu with some devastating news about his marriage.

7 Pua a'e la ka uwahi o ka moe (The Smoke Seen in the Dream Now Rises)
McGarrett investigates a cold case from the 1940s, one that his grandfather and Honolulu detective, Chang Apana, worked on, and he tries to deduce how the case could have been solved. Also, McGarrett and Danny get ready for the opening of their restaurant.

8 Lele pu na manu like (Birds of a Feather)
Thanksgiving brings Grover's parents and brother Percy Jr. to Oahu for a visit tainted by sibling rivalry, and Five-0 investigates a thief who is crushed to death by an empty safe.

9 Mai ka po mai ka 'oia'i'o (Truth Comes From the Night)
A renowned urban vigilante is killed after making another citizen's arrest, and Five-0 delves into the world of super heroes and comic books to find the killer. Also, Adam finally gets closer to finding out who killed his sister.

10 Hala I Ke Ala O'i'ole Mai (Gone on The Road From Which There is no Returning)
When Danny is shot while quarantined in the hospital with McGarrett, Tani and Junior, he's left unconscious and clinging to life, imagining a future for everyone in Five-0.

11 'Oni kalalea ke ku a ka la'au loa (A Tall Tree Stands Above the Others)
Steve and Catherine are still reeling from the murder of one of their ohana and, along with Danny, Junior and some old friends, Harry Langford and Wade Gutches, hunt down the killer. Also, Tani and Grover investigate when a bag of human bones, discovered inside an abandoned storage locker, goes missing.

12 Ka Hauli o Ka Mea Hewa 'Ole, He Nalowale Koke (A Bruise Inflicted on an Innocent Person Vanishes Quickly)
McGarrett and Five-0 support Danny and Rachel by determining what happened when gets into a life-threatening car accident and lands in critical condition. Also, Tani helps Koa when his rehab patient goes missing.

13 Ke Iho Mai Nei Ko Luna (Those Above Are Descending)
Adam, Junior and Tani travel to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean when a murder takes place in a remote underwater lab, and the killer may still be on board.

14 Ikliki I Ka La O Keawalua (Depressed With The Heat of Kealwalua)
While investigating Flippa's friend's murder, McGarrett and Grover uncover a deadly plan by an extremist group on the Island. Also, Grover has an emotional reaction to the case.

15 Ho'opio 'Ia E Ka Noho Ali'i A Ka Ua (Made Prisoner by the Reign of the Rain)
As a dangerous hurricane hits Oahu, Five-0 is tasked with protecting El Diablo, a captured serial killer who is being hunted by an assassin. Also, Tani's civilian safety check during the storm turns deadly and Rachel and Charlie evacuate to Danny's house, where the ex-spouses reminisce.

16 Hapai Ke Kuko, Hanau Ka Hewa (When Covetousness is Conceived, Sin is Born)
The top salesperson for a beauty company-pyramid scheme is murdered, and Five-0 sifts through a long list of possible suspects who would want her dead. Also, Adam befriends a homeless man estranged from his family.

17 E'ao Lu'au a Kualima (Offer Young Taro Leaves To)
Junior is torn between his duties as a member of Five-0 and his feelings for his former girlfriend when her new love, the father of her son, is one of the culprits in a bank-heist-turned-homicide.

18 Ai no i ka 'ape he mane'o no ko ka nuku. (He who eats 'ape)
Tani and Junior go undercover at a gym to track down a deadly batch of steroids that's killing users, before the drugs claim any more victims. Also, Danny and MacGarrett sub as bodyguards for Danny's high maintenance ex-mother-in-law, Amanda Savage, a wildly famous romance novelist with whom he has never gotten along.

19 Pupuhi Ka He'e o Kai Uli (The Octopus of The Deep Spews its Ink)
The team looks into the murder of a window washer. Later, Adam and Grover investigate the murder of a gambler.

20 O ke kumu, o ka mana, ho'opuka 'ia (The teacher, the pupil)
Five-0 must locate a teen girl who purchased a gun from a junkie, and discover that the firearm, over the course of decades, has affected all of their lives.

21 He kama na ka pueo (Offspring of an Owl)
Adam examines the murder of an FBI agent who is about to marry a Yakuza leader's daughter. Noelani is held hostage.

22 Kopi Wale No I Ka I'A A 'Eu No Ka Ilo (Though the Fish is Well Salted, The Maggots Crawl)
Duke is forced to steal crucial evidence from the police locker in exchange for his kidnapped granddaughter; Jerry goes under cover at a mental health facility to solve a murder.

23 Ho'okahi no la o ka malihini (A stranger only for a day)
McGarrett helps his visiting sister, Mary, spy on her shady neighbors, while Five-0 investigates the murders of a ride-share driver and his passenger. Also, the team teases the youngest members of Five-0 when Junior escorts Tani to a wedding.

24 Hewa ka lima (The hand is at fault)
Fugitive hacker Aaron Wright resurfaces to ask Five-0 for help when his co-workers at the NSA, which he has been working for, are all murdered. Also, Junior speaks at the parole hearing of the drunk driver who killed his sister.

25 Hana Mao 'ole ka ua o Waianae (Endlessly Pours the Rain of Waianae)
In the Season 9 finale, Five-0 continues to hunt down escaped criminal Aaron Wright before he can sell cyber-weapons to the highest bidder. Also, the lives of McGarrett and the team are put in danger when a visitor comes to headquarters to make amends.


1 Ua 'eha ka 'ili i ka maka o ka ihe (The skin has been hurt by the point of the spear)
In the Season 10 premiere, a new ally helps McGarrett and Five-0 when mob bosses on the island are being targeted by an assassin. Also, Five-0 says goodbye to one of their own.

2 Kuipeia e ka makani apaa (Knocked flat by the wind; sudden disaster)
Tani and Junior must plot an escape for themselves and several civilians after they become trapped inside a deadly tunnel collapse, while Five-0 investigates the cause and culprits of the cave-in. Also, Eddie the dog uses his field experience and sniffs out a bomb that has been planted in McGarrett's home.

3 E uhi ana ka wa i hala i na mea i hala (Passing time obscures the past)
Five-0 investigates when a plane that mysteriously crashed into the Pacific in the '80s is found, but with a recently murdered scuba diver inside. Also, as MacGarrett and Quinn zero in on who planted the bomb in his garage.

4 Ukuli'i ka pua, onaona i ka mau'u (Tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses around it)
Five-0 enlists imprisoned hacker Aaron Wright to help when a young girl is reported kidnapped, but upon rescue, the culprits are dead, the girl is safe, and she's not who she claims to be.

5 He 'oi'o kuhihewa; he kaka ola i 'ike 'ia e ka makaula (Don't blame ghosts and spirits for one's troubles)
It's Halloween and Five-0 investigates a home invasion turned deadly after a dangerous "monster" escapes from the basement. Also, Max returns to Oahu with a very special guest.

6 A'ohe pau ka 'ike i ka halau ho'okahi (All knowledge is not learned in just one school)
McGarrett and the team investigate when a deadly hit-and-run involves a driverless car carrying heroin, and what could be a new means for delivering drugs. Also, Tani and Quinn are stuck with a pair of YouTubers who are brought on a ride-along with Five-0.

7 Ka 'i’o (DNA)
The CIA informs McGarrett that his mother has gone rogue on her undercover mission and may have killed her partner. Steve decides to go solo to Mexico in order to bring her home and prove her innocence.

8 Ne'e aku, ne'e mai ke one o Punahoa (That way and this way shifts the sand of Punahoa)
Five-0 teams up with a DEA agent to search for a killer whose plane crashed in the jungle with $10 million worth of heroin on board. Also, Grover is thrilled when his niece Siobhan comes to try out for the University of Hawaii basketball team.

9 Ka la'au kumu 'ole o Kahilikolo (The trunkless tree of Kahilikolo)
It's Thanksgiving, and while Junior and Tani track down the thief who robbed his parents' home, Five-0 investigates the murder of a beloved philanthropist and the theft of his ultra-valuable koa tree. Also, Danny moves in with McGarrett.

10 O 'oe, a 'owau, nalo ia mea (You and me; it is hidden)
When Adam's girlfriend, Tamiko, is kidnapped right in front of him, he shuts out Five-0 and breaks all the rules in order to get her back. Also, Five-0 investigates three seemingly unconnected homicides.

11 Ka i ka 'ino, no ka 'ino (To return evil for evil)
Five-0 investigates a tourist helicopter that was shot down by a missile. They trace the stolen artillery to a ghost from McGarrett's past, Wo Fat. Also, after Adam's ordeal in rescuing Tamiko and reconnecting with the Yakuza, he makes a bold decision about his future with Five-0.

12 Ihea 'oe i ka wa a ka ua e loku ana? (Where were you when the rain was pouring?)
When a list of undercover CIA agents is stolen, Steve and Five-0 enlist the help of Magnum, Higgins, Rick and TC to get it back and protect national security. Also, Higgins gives Tani some personal advice.

13 Loa'a pono ka 'iole i ka punana. (The rat was caught right in the nest.)
Grover and Five-0 investigate a murder at a private golf course involving a man who was frozen to death in the locker room's cryo-chamber. Also, McGarrett tags along with Danny when he tracks down the father of a boy who has been bullying Charlie.

14 I ho'olulu, ho'ohulei 'ia e ka makani (There was a lull, and then the wind began to blow about)
Soon after Danny meets the girl of his dreams, they get into a potentially fatal car accident in an area far from help. Also, McGarrett enlists Quinn and Tani to help when Eddie the dog suddenly shows signs of PTSD.

15 He waha kou o ka he'e (Yours is the mouth of an octopus)
When Grover's niece, Siobhan goes missing from the police academy and it's discovered her boyfriend is an undercover member of the Yakuza, Adam may be her only hope of rescue.

16 He kauwa ke kanaka na ke aloha (Man is a slave of love)
On Valentine's Day, Tani and Noelani are held hostage during a convenience store robbery. Also, Five-0 investigates the murder of a Thai diplomat whose wife confesses to the crime, but Danny suspects she's covering for the real killer.

17 He kohu puahiohio i ka ho'olele i ka lepo i luna (Like a whirlwind, whirling the dust upward)
Harry Langford helps the team investigate a series of murders that follow the plot of a fabled unpublished crime novel from the 1920s; and Tani and Junior's friendship takes a meaningful new turn.

18 Nalowale i ke 'ehu o he kai (Lost in the sea sprays)
Five-0 investigates a murder on a cargo ship where pirates impersonated the Coast Guard to board the boat.Adam finally gets the evidence he needs to take down the Island'sYakuza operation once and for all. Also, Quinn helps Noelani when she suspects that her uncle didn't die of natural causes.

19 E ho'i na keiki oki uaua o na pali (Home go the very tough lads of the hills)
Five-0 investigates when a rancher is murdered after uncovering human skeletons on his property where legend says that Civil War-era gold coins were buried. Also, Quinn's former stepdaughter reaches out for help after her father doesn't come home.

20 He puhe'e miki (A gripping cuttlefish)
While Five-0 investigates a scheme to rob tourists, Tani helps Girard Hirsh prove the innocence of his elderly uncle when he's suspected of murder. Also, Tani and Junior work on the nuances of being in a new relationship.

21 A 'ohe ia e loa'a aku, he ulua kapapa no ka moana (He cannot be caught for he is an ulua fish of the deep ocean)
Steve receives a posthumous letter from his mother that contains a cypher. Danny is attacked by someone willing to kill to steal it. Also, Five-0 must help Lincoln Cole (Lance Gross), an anonymous good Samaritan who's in the crosshairs of some very dangerous people.

22 Aloha (Goodbye)
Danny is abducted and badly wounded by Wo Fat's wife, who is after the cypher Steve's mother left him. Also, Steve finally solves the case his father left for him 10 years ago. The series ends.