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2004 Newsletter

October Vol. 1, Issue 1

Jack Lord Memorial
Charlotte Simmons


2005 Newsletters


January Vol. 2, Issue 1

July/August Vol. 2, Issue 3

Melvin Leed Interview

Bernard Ching interview

Kimo Kahoano interview

“Blind Tiger” / Jack Lord’s Artwork

April Vol. 2, Issue 2

October Vol. 2, Issue 4

Hans Strasser Interview

Al  Harrington Interview

“Once Upon a Time” Revisited

 Pacific Islanders Award

2006 Newsletters


January Vol. 3, Issue 1

July/August Vol. 3, Issue 3

Jerome Coopersmith

Al  Harrington Interview

A Fan’s Memories of Five-O

Elissa Dulce Interview

April Vol. 3, Issue 2

October Vol. 3, Issue 4

Al Harrington Legacy Award

Mahalo Con Revisited

Robert Witthans Interview


2007 Newsletters


January Vol. 4, Issue 1

July/August Vol. 4, Issue 3

Encounters with Al Harrington

A Hawaiian Wedding


Five-O Flaky Film Festivals

April Vol. 4, Issue 2

October Vol. 4, Issue 4

End of an Era?

A Kama'aina's Perspective


The 1974 McGarrett Car

2008 Newsletters


January Vol. 5, Issue 1

July/August Vol. 5, Issue 3

Hawaii Five-O turns 40

The ‘Eyes’ Have It

A Hawaii Five-O Adventure

Ubiquitous Five-O

April Vol. 5, Issue 2

October Vol. 5, Issue 4

Fans and Fan Clubs

The Iron Brain

Comparing McGarrett and Kirk

Hawaii Five-O’s Crucial Lifeline

2009 Newsletter

January Vol. 6, Issue 1

Harry Endo
Hawaii Five-O and Jack Lord