50 Great Hawaii Five-O Quotes
Compiled by Sandy Sturdivant

1. "Every goose-stepping one of them is a loser." Duke about the Nazi guys. (A Distant Thunder)

2. "He means with engines, Danno, not in the back seat." McGarrett to Danno when Danno answers 'yes' that he has experience with cars. (A Distant Thunder)

3. "It's good to be alive, Danno." Steve to Danno. (The Case Against McGarrett)

4. "WHADDOWEDO, STEVE?" Duke to McGarrett. (The Case Against McGarrett)

5. "Thanks, Danno." Steve, putting his hand on Danno's shoulder. Danno: "Any time. But not too soon, huh?" Steve: "Yeah, Let's wait awhile." (The Case Against McGarrett)

6. "Thank Krishna, huh?" least memorable McGarrett quote. (Ring of Life)

7. "Get the lab team out there. I want every print on that car since it left Detroit." Steve to Chin. (The Guanarius Caper)

8. "Lock up those dogs...if they bite me, they're gonna get rabies!" Kono to gatekeeper. (A Matter of Mutual Concern)

9. "It [computer] is just a piece of hardware, no values, no morality. But our society is concerned with people---PEOPLE---and we expect much more from them. Much more." McGarrett to Tilles pere. (Computer Killer)

10. "In your business, your best friend is your worst enemy." McGarrett to drug dealer. (Trouble in Mind)

11. "I missed the whole point of the story." McGarrett to Harry Guardino. (Trouble in Mind)

12. "But I haven't got my abacus with me." Chin to Steve. (Savage Sunday)

13. "I just came 5800 miles to save your life. What do you call that?" Steve to Nicole when she asks him to do her a favor. (Singapore File)

14. "One day we shall be strangers in our own land." Kono. (Strangers in Our Own Land)

15. "All Caucasians look alike to him." Chin to Steve, translating a Chinese proprietor. (Heads, You're Dead)

16. "Uncivilized men make history; civilized men make laws." McGarrett to Col. Farraday. (We Hang Our Own)

17. "You'd better take your dog repellent." Chin to Steve. (Two-Faced Corpse)

18. "You suffer from terminal honesty." syndicate boss to McGarrett. (Two- Faced Corpse)

19. "We've been on him ten minutes, and I can quote you seven violations." Chin to Danno, while they are tailing a homicide suspect. To which Danno replies, "Two more and he'd serve less time for homicide." (Two-Faced Corpse)

20. "I ain't been scared of Pele since I was four years old. All of a sudden, I feel four years old again," said Kono. Later, looking around the grounds for any clues, Chin finds where a vehicle has leaked oil on the grass. He asks Kono, "You ready for a goddess with an oil leak?" (The Big Kahuna)

21. "There is no pleasure so great as to sit quietly with a cup of tea and possess full knowledge of that which has not yet occurred." Wo Fat (episode title?)

22. "The next time he comes up, he goes down." McGarrett to team. (Steal Now, Pay Later)

23. "How come someone from Five-0 missed a pretty girl?" Steve to Danno. (Sweet Terror)

24. "You're in a lot of trouble, honey." McGarrett to Marni. (A Gun for McGarrett)

25. "All killers are psychotic." McGarrett to Charlie the nephew. (One for the Money)

26. "Sorry, I don't speak Chinese." Chinese storekeeper to Chin Ho. (Sweet Terror)

27. "Don't worry, Steve. I've got a photogenic memory." Kono to Steve. (R&R&R)

28. "It only hurts when I think about it. I think about it alot." Kono. (Trouble in Mind)

29. "When they make an 8-day week, somebody will come up with a 9-day work schedule." McGarrett (You don't See Many Pirates These Days)

30. "Beat it, pal. I don't dig snakes." McGarrett (The Year of the Horse)

31. "It's never free, babe." McGarrett (The Last Eden)

32. "Aloha, suckers." McGarrett (3000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu)

33. "Aloha, baby." McGarrett (Samurai)

34. "FACTS, DOCTOR, FACTS! I NEED THE FACTS!!" McGarrett (King of the Hill)

35. "You know, I can't think of one good reason that I don't hate your guts." McGarrett (And I Want Some Candy And A Gun That Shoots)

36. "Some people will do anything to get Kamehameha Day off." McGarrett (Rest in Peace, Somebody)

37. "Who made me Big Daddy to the world?" McGarrett (Once Upon a Time)

38. "Everyone knows that Steve McGarrett takes orders only from the Governor and God - and occasionally even they have trouble." Miller (Cocoon)

39. "It was an accident of fate that we met at all; it would be a fatal accident should we meet again." Wo Fat (FOB Honolulu)

40. "Very clever - and you're not even Chinese!" Che Fong (Air Cargo-Dial for Murder)

41. Danno: "It's a stinking job!" McGarrett: "Who ever told you it was anything else?" (And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin)

42. "You're getting a little hefty, Danny. I see I'm going to have to whip you into shape." Aunt Clara (Retire in Sunny Hawaii, Forever)

43. "You're not Nazis...you're Nutsies." Danno (A Distant Thunder)

44. "You wanna call a good lawyer?" Danno, when he arrests lawyer Fairburn. (A Force of Waves)

45. "Love? What the HELL do you know about love?" McGarrett to Casey. (Up the Rebels)

46. "I'll tell you something..it's just a little scary...because if and when a lie can be twisted to make it look like the truth, so neatly that even our legal system doesn't pick up on it, that's scary. That's terrifying." Steve to team. (Touch of Guilt)

47. "That shirt's blinding me." Danno to Steve. (Full Fathom Five)

48. "He might get a little confused around Father's Day." Danno (How to Steal a Masterpiece)

49. "Good night, pretty girl." McGarrett to Marni. (A Gun for McGarrett)

50. "Book me." Bowman to McGarrett (Welcome to Our Branch Office); also "Book me, Danno." (The Bark and the Bite)