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                                The Province
                           Friday, 17 October 1997

                                News - Letter
                    X-Filer precipitates flood of letters
      X-Files co-star David Duchovny first claimed he wants the popular
     TV series to be shot in Los Angeles instead of Vancouver so he can
      be close to his new wife, actress Tea Leoni. Then he blurted out
      the real reason -- he hates our wet climate. Here's a sampling of
                     our readers' response to the story:


     Not a mention of David Duchovny's appearance on Letterman earlier
     this week! David Letterman said that he would "do his show from
     Vancouver" if the X-Files left.

     Why is this front-page news?

     Ron Appleton


     Ship his ass out of here. He's not that good an actor anyway.

     David L. Stanley


     I just can't understand what all the fuss is about.

     Here we are, talking about a guy who hasn't lived in Vancouver
     very long, is a newlywed, is a U.S. citizen, and has no ties to
     this city other than his work. Who can blame him for wanting to

     People who have lived elsewhere have the difficult task of
     describing Vancouver without mentioning the continuous rain.

     Duchovny said several times in his interview that he thinks
     Vancouver is a lovely city, so give him a break.

     On Dave Letterman's show the night before, Letterman mentioned how
     much he loved Vancouver, and that if David Duchovny insisted on
     leaving here, Letterman would be forced to move his show to
     Vancouver. This was also a funny remark. People, it's called
     COMEDY -- lighten up.

     Veronica Canete


     Get rid of Duchovny now!!!

     Anyone who puts down a city as beautiful as Vancouver deserves to
     be kicked out!

     Exile the arrogant traitor, don't even give him the chance to pack
     his bags! He is the epitome of selfishness.

     What about the hundreds of people affected by the relocation of
     the X-files? They have spouses and families too.

     Ellen Ashdown
     Maureen Cowan

     Natasha Geisslee


     So -- the truth is out there. Imagine finding it in New York City,
     of all places!

     Do you suppose David is really an alien who will melt away if a
     drop of rain falls on him?

     I saw a movie about that once. Just as the aliens were about to
     take over the world, it began to rain and they melted right then
     and there. It was probably filmed in Vancouver.

     I say he should stay and rust with the rest of us.

     Aldina Porter


     I, like many other people in Vancouver, I'm sure, was hurt by
     Duchovny's remarks about Vancouver. In fact, my immediate thought
     was that he brings new meaning to the term "drowned rat."

     Yes, we all know that Vancouver gets plenty of rain, but we have
     many things to be grateful for, and proud of, regarding Vancouver.

     I will never watch the X-Files again without a bit of anger
     seething away at me -- if I ever watch it again.

     Have a nice life in Los Angeles, Mr. Duchovny, and by the way, I
     hope you don't lose your house to a brush fire, mudslide, or

     Diane Hutchison
     North Vancouver


     Get rid of the ungrateful bum. He is way too wussy for Vancouver.
     The rain might muss his hair.

     Lesley MacNeill


     Vancouver, that whiny, self-absorbed parochial pretender to the
     mantle of "world-class city" status, is home to a newspaper which
     sees comments on its weather by an American TV star as front-page
     news. How hick. It does show, though, that The Province
     understands well the mindset of the town it serves.

     J. Neil Fawcett


     What a pity you have to degrade your newspaper to the category of

     I'm sure there are more newsworthy items that warrant front- page
     exposure. D(uh)chovny is certainly not an issue worth inking up
     the press.

     Leo Pearson


     I think David Duchovny is a good actor and I'm a huge X-Files fan
     and have been since Day 1. But I think he is using his wife as an
     excuse to leave Vancouver.

     I love Vancouver and love this city for everything it has to
     offer. The people, the scenery, the weather (yes, I even love the
     rain), the different seasons -- everything.

     I think the X-Files has a future, and where better than in the
     most beautiful city in North America? If it has to go on without
     David, then fine. I know a great lookalike who lives in Vancouver
     and was born and raised here too.

     As for the Conan O'Brien show, I only have one comment. As with
     many Americans, I bet Mr. O'Brien doesn't even know what province
     Vancouver is in. Need I say more?

     Moira Penwill
     North Vancouver


     I am a participant on the Internet bulletin board,,
     and it has discussed to death the rumored departure of David
     Duchovny from the show. After the interview with Conan O'Brien, I
     suppose we all know now, don't we?

     Now I'll have to put up with the endless messages of the "ice-age
     rain forest" and how awful it is to live in Vancouver.

     Needless to say, I am extremely bitter about this two-faced
     attitude that Duchovny has revealed. He should look back at his
     career five years ago.

     I think Duchovny or Chris Carter should apologize to this city, to
     the Lower Mainland . . . and publicize it on the

     Colleen Allen


     I do not think that we should encourage the X-files star to leave
     Vancouver. The show would not likely go on without him and the
     amount of money this series brings to our local economy could not
     easily be replaced.

     It is also unfortunate that you are inflating this issue beyond
     what is justified.

     Jane Nemis


     I have never been an X-Files follower. I understand the show is
     incredibly suspenseful and entertaining, but it's never held much
     appeal for me.

     Secondly, I've never found Mr. Duchovny had enough charisma to
     draw me to watch the show. I've always found his demeanor to be
     somewhat cold and smug.

     In short, I don't find the man to be particularly likable, and
     that in itself is probably the biggest factor behind my not being
     a supporter of the show.

     The recent comments made in reference to our city shouldn't be
     taken too seriously. In summary, folks, just laugh it all off.
     Better still, laugh him off. I'd take the rain over a windbag, any

     Helen Enair
     Port Coquitlam


     It's a shame you wasted the front page on some sniveler who can't
     handle the local weather. The Province must really be struggling
     for newsworthy items.

     John L. Weiss
     White Rock


     If I had a choice between L.A. and Vancouver I'd be gone so fast
     you would see my vapor trail! A beautiful wife and sunny weather?
     Who can blame him?

     George Ghattas


     Well, you know, it had to happen sooner or later. One of
     the stars of the X-Files (my favorite show) had to snap and
     start whining about Vancouver's weather.

     It just happened to be David Duchovny. The thing that I do
     not understand is how shocked about it Vancouverites seem to

     Every radio station DJ acted so surprised when reading the news,
     like we've never heard this situation before.

     Has everyone forgotten about the star of McGyver? Richard Dean
     Anderson mouthed off about Vancouver's weather for a long time and
     undoubtedly contributed to the show's demise.

     Duchovny's comments are nothing new here and we don't need radio
     personalities like Neil "The Mouth" Macrae getting defensive and
     taking things too far by spewing verbal abuse at Duchovny and his

     Come on, Vancouver, get a life! We should all realize that sooner
     or later the weather is probably going to cause the next big
     production to move on. We've seen it before and we'll see it
     again. We'd better get used to it; the weather sure isn't going to

     Roger Jamieson


     If it wasn't for the jobs that exist because of the production of
     X-Files in Vancouver, I'd say, "Let him go!" I think he's getting
     a little pathetic. Give me rain over an earthquake, any day!

     Rachel Sledding
     New Westminster


     I think David Duchovny and all the rest of them should be exiled
     from Vancouver! If they don't want to be here and hate it that
     much, then go.

     I saw David last summer at the Century Grill downtown, asked him
     politely for his autograph, and told him I admired his work.

     He gave me a dirty look, signed the paper in his hand, never said
     a word, not even "Thanks," handed it back to me and turned away.

     So much for fan loyalty.

     Sheri Wilson