One of My Adventures in Spuzzum -- Part II

Synopsis -- During one of my exciting adventures in Spuzzum, I found myself in quite a tense situation....

I reached over and picked up my Spanish dictionary. If exploded in a screaming fass of seath. I began to figure it out

Suddenly, I pulled out another helicopter and we took off.

From Spuzzum, the Fraser Canyon winds its way up the river of the same name. Suddenly, it exploded in a seething mass of dead salmon.

Suddenly, we landed, and the helicopter exploded. Joe hit the helicopter with his crowbar.

Suddenly, we saw a wild ferocious puma rushing towards us. It exploded.

In an instant, we were back in the air. On the railroad track many feet below I noticed a funny-shaped ant. Suddenly we crashed into a mountain. I exclaimed, "Who's driving this plane, anyhow?" "It's not a plane, it's a helicopter," Joe replied, falling.

We landed on a high plateau and I lost my bearings but I had another set in the tool box. All around us was a great deal of mist and vapour. At once I knew the secret!

I was lost!! So was Joe!! All of a sudden, Joe broke down, yelling and screaming, gnashing and weeping, crying and howling, garbling and mumbling, jumping and flailing his arms.

"I lost my crowbar," he screamed. Quickly, I pulled out another crowbar and hit him on the head. He exploded.

I pulled out a hospital and we got Joe fixed up as the purple sun slowly began to set behind the blue mountains.

As we would soon have to bed down on this mysterious plateau, Joe and I began to search for a place at which to bed down at.....

Continued in Part III